Month: December 2019

5 Ways of Sharing Feedback Effectively

5 Ways of Sharing Feedback Effectively

Sharing feedback is a mechanism for increasing the effectiveness of any process. Be it education or the most complex machine learning algorithms, every process depends on a feedback mechanism today for its impact. Let’s quickly understand why feedback is important...

December 11, 2019

A Quick Guide to Writing the Best College Essay

If you are reading this sentence, you are probably going to start or in the middle of writing your personal statements. “Personal statement” is just a fancy way to say college essay. However, we do maintain that it is an...

December 9, 2019
Common Core Math

Common Core Math Explained

Back in 2009, the Race to the Top competitive grants incentivized Common Core curriculum. This new initiative would provide extra funding to the states adopting the Common Core standards and methodologies. While the changes to English are understandable, Common Core...

December 3, 2019