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Ace private tutoring:  9 Useful tips to help you teach better.

To be able to inspire and motivate students to be the best that they can be is only one of the many rewarding aspects of being in the private tutoring business. And although it is quite difficult to pin point...

August 8, 2019
How to Convince Parents to Hire you as a Home Tutor

How to Convince Parents to Hire you as a Home Tutor

Are you considering becoming a home tutor? Well, it is a good time to think of doing so. The home tutoring business is exploding!

July 24, 2019
How to Create the Perfect Online Tutor Profile

How to Create the Perfect Online Tutor Profile

When you think of creating an online tutor profile, what comes first to your mind? LinkedIn, Craigslist, online job portals, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? Right, but why is it so important to have your tutor profile out there on the internet?...

July 22, 2019
The 5 Most Important Qualities of An Effective Tutor

The 5 Most Important Qualities of an Effective Tutor

Most parents always say that they value teaching experience as the most important trait in a tutor. But is experience synonymous with effectiveness as a tutor? Well, no! The effective tutor aims way beyond just being a good tutor. After...

July 19, 2019
Make Money as a Private Tutor: Here’s How!

Make Money as a Private Tutor: Here’s How!

The average hourly pay for a private tutor in the United States is approximately 25 US Dollars. Well, that’s just the average, the real numbers could be much higher. Whether as a primary source of income or secondary, tuition has...

July 12, 2019
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Problems and solutions for private tutoring

Talentnook caters to bridging the gap between private after-school tutors and parents. Over the years, we have seen various obstacles tutors face in their tutoring journey. From establishing their work to finding long term students, it has been a struggle...

April 16, 2019
private tutor

Succeeding as a private tutor

Are you an upcoming private tutor dreaming of making it big in the future? If you are a teacher or looking to work as a part-time tutor, chances are that you will be highly benefited out of

April 9, 2019
Mentorship - ace the private tutoring

How to ace private tutoring

Private tutoring or after-school learning is a profession that requires consistent improvements and excellent people skills that will help you become a reputed tutor among students. If you are looking to expand your after-school classes or starting new as a...

April 2, 2019
Online and offline learning

Online and offline learning – why offline learning still rules the day

We live in a world where everything has become digital. From ordering medicine to getting insurance, the Internet is the place to be. While the benefits of online livelihood are plenty, there are still a few aspects where offline existence...

February 26, 2019

How to be a high school student and a part time​ tutor?

From preparing the resume for college application to studying hard for exams, high school students have a long year ahead. While school life gets the better of time, students are also looking out for part-time jobs that amp up their...

February 12, 2019