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Meeting a child’s basic needs does not equal Care.
Home daycare providers, like you, know this more than anyone.

To ensure that children grow up to be well-rounded, successful adults, we know that you take special care in providing these kids personalized care, helping them manage their work and play time, and exploring their interests.
However, such an essential job comes with its challenges:

Managing different age groups with varying interests simultaneously

Engaging the kids every day

Ensuring each child wants to come
back the next day!

Facilitating each child’s development to meet their parents’ expectations

Talentnook is a collaborative solution that daycares love.

In-person learning provided by trustworthy, educated instructors

Broad variety of skills and talents
suitable for all ages

Easy, affordable platform to help your children achieve great heights!

Customized learning to suit each
child’s needs

Here’s How it Works

Parents Sign Up

Parents sign up their children. Membership is completely free.

Parents can then connect with instructors who teach skills that interest their child.

Parents enroll their child in a lesson. They control what their child learns.

The child can then have sessions at your daycare either individually or as a group lesson.

Parents pay for their child’s lessons through Talentnook’s platform. Talentnook pays you 3% of each session fee.

Daycare Sign Up

Daycares sign up with Talentnook. Membership is free.

Daycares select and design session structures and content with Talentnook as per their needs.

Daycares can select a range of group lessons and Talentnook Workshops.

Your kids start learning and developing based off of which lessons and workshops you schedule them in.

Daycares pay Talentnook through our easy platform abiding by the specific fee structure already agreed upon and designed to suit the sizes of the daycares.

Differences Between Flexible Lessons and Structured Workshops

Flexible Lessons

Minimum Size
1 kid
Academic or Non-academic
Session Frequency
Up to You!
1.  Fee depends upon the base rate of instructor that you choose
2.  Customized based on your needs and budget
Example Lessons
1.  Homework support
2.  STEM-oriented learning
3. Art
4. Foreign Language

Structured Workshops

Minimum Size
4 kids
Session Frequency
Once a week
6-8 weeks
Varies with Instructor (~$150 to $200 per child)
Example Lessons
1.  Languages
2.  Chess
3. Public Speaking
4. Creative Writing

Why Choose Talentnook?

Save Time
Our seamless marketplace makes it easy to find instructors for all talents. Anything you need will be there guaranteed!

Reliable, Trustworthy Instructors
The children’s safety is our utmost priority. All instructors go through address verification and background check.

Hassle-Free Payments
Our platform allows you to pay electronically, no cash or check payments required! Set it up once and we’ll take care of the rest.

Flexible Lesson Structure
We firmly believe our users should control when to start or stop their lessons. Pay per session and stop learning when you choose.

Here’s Why Talentnook Is Great For You.

Gain Visibility
By offering additional services like Talentnook, become a more valuable resource to your clients.
Increase Productivity
Instead of spending time trying to think of engaging lessons or activities, let Talentnook take care of it and focus on other priorities.
Ensure Business Growth
Your competitors won’t have the same resources as you do when you collaborate with us. Make sure you are the family-favorite in your neighborhood.
Boost Your Profits
Talentnook’s cost-effective services offer affordable learning that no other platform provides!

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