Private tutoring or after-school learning is a profession that requires consistent improvements and excellent people skills that will help you become a reputed tutor among students. If you are looking to expand your after-school classes or starting new as a tutor, here are a few techniques that will help you ace your career.

Feedback sharing

As a teacher, sharing feedback is a job requirement. But how is one to share comments without sounding condescending? There is only one method – constructive criticism. While criticism has a negative connotation around it, one can ensure that the receiver does not feel accused or at fault while hearing feedback. Here are some of tips to share feedback both with parents and students.

Using technology in class

Technological development has been a big boon for the century. From using the Internet to search the meaning of a word to booking flight tickets, we have linked ourselves to the digital world. No matter how powerful technology is, there is still a knack to using it effectively and efficiently; particularly in a classroom setup. While the existence of online classes has been prevalent, offline classes can also benefit from technology when used appropriately. Find out how you can use technology in class effectively.

Saving money

An inspiring and motivating profession, tutoring also comes with its difficulties. As private tutors, it can be difficult to find students or even save more in the profession. If after-school tutoring is your passion, here are a few tips that will help you save more as you expand the business.


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