Know Your Dashboard

Know Your Dashboard
Your progress
An insight into how to operate your Talentnook account with reference to your Profile Setup, Dashboard, Session Reports and Payments.
Once your profile is published, it is important to understand your dashboard. Some of the important things to know are:
Basic Details
  • You can share your profile links with anyone to market yourself
  • Make sure your details on your account – Address, phone number, and email are correct and always up to date. Please note that these are confidential and will not be shared with any parent.
Your dashboard will constantly keep you updated on important information such as upcoming sessions, schedules and earnings
My lessons: My lessons tab will be your most used space on your account. It will bucket the various lessons based on their status
  • New Request – Whenever a new request is sent to you by a parent, it will show here.
  • Ongoing – The new request when launched becomes an ongoing lesson. You will have a dedicated ongoing lesson page for each of your lessons. Each lesson card will show you the student and parent name for easy reference.
  • Published – Your published lessons are what you plan to teach. They will be visible to the parents. It is important to add everything you want to teach under your published lessons. Each lesson should have a unique nature which can be achieved by adding relevant lesson outlines using proper keywords.
Zoom Links or Address: Talentnook will assign you a dedicated zoom link which will be
  • Available on each ongoing online lesson
  • Also accessible through session reminder emails
Note: If the lesson is in-person, it will show the address instead of the zoom link.
Session Reports: This is one of the most important features and critical to understand. Session reports are meant to keep parents informed and help teachers track the lesson. Session reports are to be:
  • Filled after every session and within 48 hours of the session
  • Addressed to the parents updating them on lesson and student’s goals and progress
  • Each session must have a unique, relevant, meaningful and useful session report. It is important to follow the session report guidelines. A session will continue to have a pending payment until the session report is submitted.
Payments Tab
  • Use the payment section to see each and every transaction
    • What has been paid
    • What’s pending
    • And the due dates
Lesson Set up and Session Management
Setting up and launching the lesson
This will be needed before starting any new lesson. This is done after the new request has been made. The steps include:
  • Go on the new request Tab on your dashboard
  • Choose the lesson you want to set up
  • Edit the details like: Session duration, Free trial (Yes/No), Number of students, Online/In-person lesson and start date
  • Select the student and accept
  • Select the schedule and save
  • Make sure the fee is correct as discussed
  • Review all the details, acknowledge the lesson and launch the lesson
Once the lesson is launched, it becomes an ongoing lesson and shows under the “Ongoing lesson” tab. The system creates 2 sessions in advance based on the schedule and sends reminders to the Parent and teacher. Email reminders are sent 24 hours before the session and a text is sent 30 minutes before the session.
Filling Session Reports and Marking the Sessions:
  • Marking the sessions: Each completed session will have a session report. If the session did not happen, it needs to be marked cancelled. If cancellation is known in advance, it is important to mark them as cancelled ahead of time to ensure timely notifications and avoid unnecessary session reminders.
  • Manually adding sessions: If a session is planned out of the schedule, use the “Add session” button to create a new session. However, if there is a schedule change, please inform Talentnook to get it updated on your lesson.
  • If the session is getting rescheduled, cancel the existing session and add a new one to keep records clean.
  • Suspending and Closing the lesson: If the lesson is temporarily pausing with a known time of resuming then suspend the lesson. If it is closing permanently or the time for resuming is unknown, then mark it closed.
Lesson Closing – How to leave
You should take every lesson closing positively whether it was initiated by you or the parent.
When can the closing be called by you?
  • Not able to manage the schedule due to other commitments
  • When you feel that the student might not need help anymore
    • Maybe the student needs to progress to a more advanced teacher
    • Maybe the chemistry between the student and you is not working out
When can the closing be called by the parent?
  • When a student is not able to manage the lessons with other subjects
  • When the parent feels the lessons are not adding value
  • When the parents are not satisfied with the teacher
  • When the student needs a break
In either case, you should consider it as healthy feedback. It is important to provide a detailed report to the parents and Talentnook on
  • the current understanding level of the student
  • what have they learned and covered so far
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the child
  • What was the plan if the lesson would continue
While closing the Lesson –
  • Please make sure all session reports are duly filled out before closing the lesson.
  • Informing CET of closing the lesson.