Session Reports

Session Reports: What and how
Your progress
At Talentnook we believe in setting goals and achieving them. Session reports are a tracker of the common goal set by you and the parent during/before the session. Get, Set, Acheive!
Session reporting is an important part of the learning process at Talentnook. It is as valuable to you as a teacher as it is to any parent.
We, at Talentnook, are committed to be personal guides to every student and encourage goal based learning. But the goals are not only meant for the parents or the students. We understand that you, as a teacher, need more help and resources than anyone else to organize the summary of each session and plan them to achieve those goals clearly. That’s where our Session Report feature makes things smooth.
What do you achieve?
  • Clarity on each session and better planning
  • Parent feedback and better direction
  • Parent trust and more value
Be the PERSONAL GUIDE that every student needs. This is your space. Let that magic wand swing!!
It’s a simple and repetitive process. You just can’t go wrong.
  • After every session, you will receive an email from Talentnook.
  • The email will guide you to a session report for each student who is a part of the lesson.
  • You will also be able to access each report through your Talentnook Dashboard.
  • On this report, you will be able to confirm whether the session happened or not.
  • If you select NO, the rest of the report will become inactive and you will be able to submit. (Remember: if the cancellation of the session was known sooner, then it should be marked as cancelled before the session time itself. This will avoid confusion to you and the parent).
  • If you select YES, you will be required to answer a few simple questions about that session.
    • On a scale of 1-5
      • What was the student’s participation level?
      • How was the student’s confidence level?
      • How well does the student engage in between sessions?
    • Your Report
      • Provide a short description of the session
        • Topics covered
        • Student’s overall attitude (Positive, Distractive, Calm, Impatient, Jittery etc)
      • Homework, if any
      • Plan for upcoming sessions
      • Concerns and Suggestions, if any
Some useful tips:
  • Whether it’s a new lesson or ongoing, discuss the goal with the parents and student.
  • Share that goal in your own words with them through your next session report.
  • Mention about the goal and the progress after every few sessions. It works as a good reminder of the target for the parents as well as for you and makes the success tangible. Afterall, that’s what we all are working towards.
  • It feels good to the parents when things are addressed directly. It’s a good idea to mention the name of the student in the report to make it personable.
  • Some words of motivation and encouragement for the students are very welcoming.
    • Students can be motivated by making short term (weekly or bi-weekly) goals and being rewarded after meeting them. Some examples of rewards can be – a week of no homework, a certificate of appreciation (can be requested from Talentnook), a personalized note for the student that can be shared on social media, star rating achievement.
Some Samples for “Your Report” Section
1) Ryan and I worked on improving the structure and flow of the essay. Ryan’s current score on his essays is 40% which includes grammar, vocabulary, punctuations, word, sentence and paragraph placement and overall articulation. Our goal is to get to 50% in the next 2 weeks and then progress towards excelling in each area individually.
2) Today we started discussing his writing prompt of wrestling: Is it just a sport?, made several recommendations, worked on an exclamation point rules poster, completed Parts of Speech language review. He will need to do a whole unit on his parts of speech rules, identification and usage, with particular emphasis on his tenses.
3) Tonight we quickly discussed his article for the Covid-19 for our newspaper we are making. What an amazing job he did. He even presented facts I didn’t know.
We then reviewed rules 1-7 on singular and plural nouns. Then we read a passage on Earth Day and answered the comp and written response sections. Afterwards, he was told he is to create an advertisement for Earth Day for the newspaper, during the week he is to write every day for 15 minutes for the newspaper, including the book reviews and anything else he chooses. I will provide graphic organizers, a list of historic events that happened in April, or any other current event he deems important. I look forward to reading his papers.
4) Mike started off angry but he was very attentive in his own way. He read the sentences more completely and remembered most of the vocabulary on his own. His attention was much better and he did not take a break.
5) CJ and I covered his practice quiz part 2 which was more practice with linear equations, focused on graphing. He understands how to apply strategies to solve these kind of equations. I felt like CJ has a firm grasp on graphing linear equations.A lot of the practice quiz was just that, practice solving problems.Repetition will definitely help him succeed on exams.When it comes to word problems and turning them into math problems, CJ needs more practice, like many other students.
6) Sara is showing great progress on her piano and music skills. I can see that she is dedicated and enjoys her lessons. She is listening well while also reading the notes and co-ordinating with the keys. I like the way she is trying to sing loud while playing the notes, reinforcing the sounds in her mind. A little more practice between sessions will be very helpful. I recommend the parent to do an audio/video recording of her practice sessions at home and share with me. It will help me analyse her progress and work accordingly.
Once you have filled all sections of the report, click Send.
What happens in Group Lessons?
  • Each student will be treated individually even if they were a part of the same session
  • The students who did not attend the session will be marked as absent. However, the students who did attend from that group will be sent their separate reports.
Lastly, role of “My Dashboard” in Session Reporting
  • Your Dashboard will allow you to access all reports, old or new.
  • You will be able to view the pending reports and submit each, one by one.
Be your own Manager at Talentnook! Give Success, Get Success!!