Talents and Lessons

Talents and Lessons
Talents and Lessons
Talents and Lessons
Now when you understand the terms, let’s look at some of the common talents and lessons used at Talentnook by other Talentmasters
This list of talents and lessons has been compiled based on the data from our teachers and the
demand from the parents. This will help you choose a talent and lesson for yourself depending on what you are
willing to teach. However, if you are not able to find a talent of your choice here, you can always “request a new
talent” while working on your profile and we will reach out to you.
Feel free to make your lesson names stand out. When parents are searching for lessons, the more
catchy the title, the more attention it gets.
For eg:
  • Best Algebra 1 lessons in town
  • Spanish – learn the love for language
  • Fun and engaging Math lessons for little ones
  • Piano – more than just music
  • Guitar – Love for strings
Math English
Algebra 1 ESL
Algebra 2 Common Core English
Common Core Math English Literature
Basic Math Grammar
Geometry English
Trigonometry SAT English
Calculus ACT English
PreCalculus Reading Comprehension
SAT Math Writing
ACT Math Essay Writing
AP Math Essay Writing
Essay Writing For College Prep
Creative Writing
Creative Writing
Science Piano
Physics Piano 30 minute
Chemistry Piano 45 minute
Biology Piano 60 minute
AP Chemistry Guitar
AP Physics Acoustic Guiat
AP Biology Bass Guitar
Chemistry Hons Electric Guitar
ACT Chemistry Clarinet
ACT Physics Clarinet 30 minute
ACT Biology Clarinet 45 minute
Anthropology Clarinet 60 minute
Environmental Science
Dance Vocal
Dance 30 minute Indian Vocal Music
Dance 60 minute Vocal
Bollywood Dance Vocal 30 minute
Classical Dance Vocal 60 minute
Salsa Light Vocal Music
Bharatnatyam Singing
Jazz Voice
Hindustani Classical Music
Art Painting
Sketching Watercolor painting
Water Coloring Acrlyc Painting
Modern Art Madhubani Painting
Canvas Art warli Painting
Basic Art Sketching
Basic Art Sketching
History Acting
American History Theatre Acting
European History Commercial Acting
World History Audition Prep
AP World History TV and Movie Acting
AP European History
AP American History
Spanish Linguistics
Spanish1,2 and 3 Linguistics
French Phonetics
French Phonology
Hindi Semantics
Hindi Pragmatics
Early Education School Curriculum
Math Talentnook StudyPOD
Science Homework Help
Pre-K through 2nd Grade
Computer Science Philosophy
Java Philosophy
AP Computer Science
AP Java and Python