Become a Better Teacher

A step by step Guide

Hey, there! Congratulations if you have decided to or are contemplating to take up tutoring as a business! Why hold back your horses when you think you have the skills and inclination to be a great teacher. If you have a penchant for teaching and honing a child’s talent – be it math or piano or painting, you are a Talentmaster to us! 

The tutoring journey can seem a bit daunting if you are a first-timer, but do not worry! Talentnook brings to you some of the best resources to help you overcome all little doubts as you tread the path of becoming a successful talentmaster.  

Our resources will guide you through the entire journey of becoming and excelling as a talentmaster. Read on to know how you can Start your tutoring journey, Deliver an effective first lesson, Exchange constructive feedback and give an impactful, Effective ending to a lesson. Start today, and you’ll never look back! Tutoring is after all the most thrilling, rewarding and fulfilling a pursuit if you do your homework right! 

Happy tutoring to you!

Talentmaster Profile Set Up Support

This is the medium of your visibility through Talentnook. Make your profile as informative, content-rich, experience and accolades heavy as possible, yet giving it a personal touch making the viewer feel that you are one of them....

Starting your Tutoring Journey

Congratulations! Your tutoring journey begins here and Talentnook is happy to make a valuable contribution to your knowledge sharing path. Our goal is to strike the right balance between nervousness and confidence...

How to Deliver an Effective Session

Whether it’s Math or Music - an effective talentmaster is the one who makes each session impactful for the student. Before getting into how to deliver an effective tutoring session, let’s investigate what exactly is an effective session.

How To Exchange Constructive Feedback

You’re through with the whole process and best practices of exchanging constructive feedback. Once you know how to make feedback exchange work, you’ll always end up having more stickiness with your clients.

How To Close A Lesson

Give your scintillating opening a compelling closure and you’ll never have to look back. With every iteration of this exercise, you’ll see yourself evolve as a talentmaster. In this journey, always count on....