Starting your Tutoring Journey

Congratulations! Your tutoring journey begins here and Talentnook is happy to make a valuable contribution to your knowledge sharing path. Our goal is to strike the right balance between nervousness and confidence by providing informative tools to support your tutoring sessions. It is important to understand that each day of your tutoring profession will bring new challenges and learnings. Some of the key things discussed here will help establish a healthy teacher-student relationship right from the beginning.

Get Ready for The First Day

Waiting for the first day without any prep work is a common mistake. It is highly recommended to prepare for a successful first day to ensure a seamless journey ahead.

  • Craft out a rough yet meaningful plan
  • Get ready for an interview with the parents. You are responsible to answer their questions
  • Prepare the pre-assessment test to know the student’s needs. It will act as a baseline for tracking students progress and help you outline a better lesson plan

The First Day Itself

Overcoming your fear and anxiousness of being interviewed by the parents on the first day is a challenge. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Be punctual and presentable. Remember, the first impression is the last
  • Don’t rush to get started. Be patient and keep calm while talking to the parents. Try to address every question smartly even if you don’t have ready answers to some. Be expressive in your teaching style, strategies and plans trying to understand their expectations clearly
  • Your student might be more agitated than you. Be friendly yet professional. Understand his/her goals and weaknesses
  • Do the pre-assessment test. Offer extra time if needed
  • Before wrapping up, provide feedback. Assure your maximum efforts towards students’ progress

Analyzing your First Day

Now, when you know the student’s and parent’s expectations, is the right time to analyze and customize an impactful lesson outline.

  • Keep their needs in mind and align them well with the material you will use. Look for free resources available online that might be helpful for lesson planning
  • Design a robust plan that you will follow
  • Organize yourself well from the beginning
  • Keep the parents in the loop by providing regular updates and feedback through Talentntnook’s lesson page

The first day is your first step. An added understanding of “How to deliver an effective session?” along with commitment, perseverance, and patience will take you a long way in your tutoring journey.