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What is a Talentmaster Profile

This is the medium of your visibility through Talentnook. Make your profile as informative, content-rich, experience and accolades heavy as possible, yet giving it a personal touch making the viewer feel that you are one of them, someone from their own neighborhood. Enjoy the flexibility in terms of availability, fee, commute and a lot more.
Your profile says it all !!

All you need to know about building your profile

We strongly believe that every expertise deserves to shine. Talentnook provides you with a perfect platform to create a detailed tutoring profile for any number and category of talents you think you can share and teach. This one-time effort of making a solid profile will make you a popular and a much-needed Talentmaster by every parent looking for no less than the best.

Here is a step by step guide on how to build a strong profile:

My Detail

My Profile

i) Upload your photo
Your picture is the first impression you leave on the parents. Let’s make it professional. Upload a recent, clear and “within the frame” picture of yourself. An HD quality picture ensuring the minimum surrounding noise is helpful.

ii) About Me
A strong opening statement about you will provide confidence encouraging them to read further. This is your chance of creating a crisp and impactful description of yourself giving parents a good understanding of your personality. Here are a few things you can cover  and a few ways you can do it:

Short yet informative

Add your notable scores, awards, and achievements:

Very detailed if your talent demands such details

Personality touch: Add your hobbies, family members, favorite sport, favorite book, etc

iii) The neighborhood, education, and affiliations
Every information you provide matters and drives the parents’ decision. Provide correct and valuable information.

My Availability

i) Schedule
Talentnook respects your ongoing schedule and provides you every flexibility to choose your available and comfortable slots for teaching. At the same time, we understand that schedules evolve and change every now and then. We will consider your availability before we connect you with prospective parents. It is thus important to add as many slots as possible and update them on a regular basis to avoid missing important and valuable connections.

ii) Location and willingness to travel
Your willingness to travel and preference of location is very crucial for us while bringing business to you. Your reach to the student and travel radius help us bring visibility to your profile accordingly. However, please be realistic!  It is ok if you cannot travel much. Afterall, Talentnook is a neighborhood learning community

My Policies

Talentnook provides you the power to decide your own policies. However, we recommend not to create very tight and suffocating policies for the parents. All our users, teachers and parents, are highly responsible citizens and understand the value of time and money. We recommend you highlight the value of your time in your policies, being flexible to changes and reschedulings in advance and not charge for infrequent and unavoidable cancellations.

Lesson Details

Lesson Details

Clearly describe your lesson here

    • What experience level do you teach?: Mention the level(s) for each talent you can and want to teach
    • Minimum/Maximum students: Be realistic in mentioning the minimum and the maximum number of students you can teach at a time based on the talent. We highly encourage group lessons as long as they are enriching and effective
    • Duration: Choose your session duration. We recommend 60 minutes for most lesson types with a few exceptions (such as 30 or 45 minutes sessions for Music are popular but not for Math or English)
    • Free Trial Class: We highly recommend a free trial class. It provides that very critical initial confidence to the parent needed for a long term relationship
    • Experience: Your experience shown here is what you had mentioned earlier. Feel free to add/change any information you like. 

Detailing your experience with a very strong opening statement is highly recommended. Information such as years learned and taught, levels and categories of students taught and strengths related to each talent is very visible and helpful. Remember, your experience is what will be highlighted to the parents on your public profile. So be true but be descriptive. 

Note: The system had initially restricted you up to 3 talents but you can use the Add new Talent or Delete this Talent buttons at any time to take the respective action.

Lesson Outline

Lesson outline is one of the most important fields of your tutoring profile. Every parent looking for a great teacher for his/her child has certain criteria and lesson outline is often one of those. It is important for them to know the style and strategies adopted by the teacher in order to help their child excel. Here are a few things to keep in mind while drafting a good quality lesson outline: 

  • Lesson outline should be detailed but meaningful
  • The parent should be able to foresee the child’s progress through the lesson outline

  • It is very important to create a seperate lesson outline for each talent. 
  • Just saying “the lesson will be customized based on student’s needs” is not enough. Customization is important but showing your own understanding of the subject and the measures driving such customization are important.
  • Keywords related to the talent are very  important and highly recommended. For example: (1) using words like vocabulary, grammar, sentence formation and correction for English. (2) using words like notes, singing, rhythm, harmony will provide additional weightage to a music lesson.

Breaking the session duration into smaller pockets and assigning clear workflow to those pockets is very helpful in providing clarity to the parents.

Overall, a detailed, meaningful and focussed lesson outline is considered helpful towards a positive decision from the parents.

Fee Details

Talentnook believes in offering every possible flexibility to their Talentmasters. The flexibility of deciding your own fee not only makes you your own boss but also encourages you to do better to earn better. Talentnook, however, is always available to recommend you an appropriate fee based on the talent you are teaching, the duration of the session, the market demand and supply, and Talentnook’s service fee. Feel free to approach us if you need help.

Group Discount, a WIN- WIN for everyone

Group discounts are not mandatory but highly recommended. Group discounts are a great motivator for parents to add more students with similar needs to the same session. It helps everyone in the following ways: 

  • It makes the session more interactive and effective
  • You are able to teach more students in less time
  • It saves you additional commute time that you would have spent in taking the other student separately
  • Each parent pays less than a one on one session but gets the same benefit

Range of Group Discount

The group discount starts with 20% on adding the second student into the session, increases by 10% on every additional student and caps at 40% after 4 students. These are the recommended discounts by Talentnook but can be changed by the Talentmaster.

Host Discount

Host discounts are automatically calculated in a step up manner considering that the host parent deserves an additional monetary value for hosting multiple students at their location. Host discounts are as follows:

Our system will automatically show you the calculation based on the potential group strength. Below is an example of a $30 session with maximum 5 students. 

Additional Fee

You can charge an additional fee if your talent requires you to spend extra for material to be used by the child. Example: colors for an art session. 

You are almost there!

As soon as you complete filling the information, your profile will be sent to reviewing. A Talentnook representative will get in touch with you if any updates are needed. Once approved, you will be able to publish your lessons that we created based on the information you provided. 

Your published lessons will be ready to be marketed by Talentnook to the parents whose requirements match your offerings. The quality of your profile is highly critical for us and once approved, we are sure you will soon get connected with students. 

Set up your Stripe and get auto paid, every week!

Talentnook can be a great medium of your primary or secondary income. We value your smooth and hassle-free payments as much as you do yourself. 

While we are working on reviewing your profile, we suggest you to set up your secure Stripe account and get auto paid every week. 

Simply select “Payment” on your account, choose to setup payment information and connect with Stripe. 

Stripe is an online payment processing platform that we would use to auto transfer your payments to you on a weekly basis. We suggest you spend 5 minutes on completing the Stripe Account set up to avoid any payment related confusions later.