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Bring your current students to Talentnook

If your current students are not on Talentnook, bring them on and pay no service fee for these students ever.

Talentnook pay zero service fee
Pay $0
service fee
Full access to talentnook
Full access to
let us manage the busy stuff
Let us manage
the busy stuff
stress less teach more talentnook
Stress less
teach more

Here's how it works

Get started by clicking Bring your students to Talentnook on your dashboard

Invite your current students

This referral program is available to you for 45 days from the day you sign up.

Your students join Talentnook

Membership is 100% free. Your students only pay the payment processing fee after the sessions are completed.

Start your lessons at Talentnook

Get all the benefits of Talentnook. You will also receive 100% of your charges for these students.