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Excel in English Reading and Writing

A comprehensive program designed specifically for 1st through 9th graders to excel and reach new heights in the school and beyond
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What Your Child Will Gain From This Course?

Grades 1 through 9 is the perfect time to start helping your child build and strengthen their grasp on English Language Arts. A strong foundation of English can pave a path of confident communication and academic success for your child.
Improve contextual vocabulary for impactful writing and speaking
English classesStrengthen written and verbal
English classesUnderstand structural and grammatical mechanics
Engage in deeper reading comprehension and literary

Why Join Talentnook's English Programs?

English Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and Writing is foundational in life.
Mastery of English Language Arts  helps with effective communication and enables your child to process information in an organized manner.
It also helps with:
Critical thinking, Social relationships, Academic Performance
Test Prep, College Essays, College Admissions
Job Interviews, Career progression
Building a family
This bridge curriculum is designed to backtrack on honing previous skills, strengthen and compliment in-school learning, and set potential for further academic enrichment in later grade levels.
Any knowledge gap, if not attended early, can lead to weaker academic growth in later years and even pose impediments and poor habits for future learning.

What Parents are Saying About Us

Pleasanton, CA
A program like this was much needed. We are seeing a difference. Thank you, Talentnook.

San Ramon, CA
My son actually looks forward to going to every class and his ELA grades have improved significantly.

Dublin, CA
Engaging and motivating approach. My daughter loves it. Well done!