Calling all High School Students!

At Talentnook, any of your talents can be a skill that a student wants to learn. Start sharing your talents and earn money on your terms now!

We have your back

We understand that your commitment to school comes first. As a Talentmaster, you will have control over lesson timings and locations. To make the process easier for you, you can now sign up for free with 0% service fee on your first 5 sessions!

Why choose Talentnook?

At Talentnook, we treat all of our Talentmasters equally, regardless of their age or level of formal education. If you have a talent to share, we’ll help you find interested students from our safe and trusted community and ensure you earn your rightful pay. As a high school student, you will also have the added perk of expanding your repertoire for college applications.


How it works

Introduce Yourself

List the subjects you plan to offer lessons in


Set your rates and availability. Manage your own schedule.


Watch your students grow and improve while you earn additional income.

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Becoming a Talentmaster helped me work within my field of interest, allowing me to show colleges the dedication I have to learning and teaching others what I know.

Katie shares her talent in sciences with her students and plans on majoring in biochemistry.

About Talentnook

What is Talentnook?

Talentnook is an after-school learning service that is dedicated to making learning stressless for parents, students and teachers. We connect parents of students with the same interests with each other and the relevant Talentmaster, who helps each student embark on a new learning journey.

Who is a Talentmaster?

A person with a passion to teach or coach to share in their knowledge. They might even be you!

About Talentmaster.

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