Talentnook, a California-based ed-tech start-up has launched Writing Academy to help students build strong writing, reading comprehension, and grammar skills and overcome learning gaps built in the early school years.

Developed by Eileen Mammen, a published children’s book author, educator, and creator of the Talentnook Writing Academy with more than 15 years of experience mentoring students in the English Language Arts, the program focuses on bridging the gaps in writing and reading comprehension for each student.

A study done by the National Assessment For Educational Progress shows that over 60% of American school students are below grade level in writing. Kids start struggling with writing from a very young age. Moreover, owing to the shift to an online instruction mode by schools, classrooms are providing one-size-fits-all instruction which simply doesn’t work for every student. At this stage, a lack of personalized attention leaves the child struggling in his/her later school years and lags behind in academics and college opportunities.

The shift to remote learning has impacted students’ writing abilities to a large extent. With a forced adoption of technology-delivered instruction in the last nine months, students have not been practicing writing consistently. This leads to grammatical mistakes, poor choice of words, lack of details, incomplete sentence structure, and unorganized paragraphs. The need of the hour is to help students overcome this before bad writing habits settle in and it’s too late!

The Talentnook Writing Academy aims to provide parents with a one-stop solution to overcoming this learning gap in early school years. Small group online classes are taught by ELA expert educators who give individual attention to each student, helping them build their writing and communication skills.

According to Ms. Eileen Mammen:

“Providing the same writing instruction to every student is a recipe for failure. Every student has a different learning style. We have to personalize our teaching methods for every student to help them get better. With the help of learning methods like Story Pyramid and Scaffolding, we work with your child to fill their learning gaps and slowly improve their writing skills. This not only leads to better academic grades but students also foster a new-found love and appreciation for writing. “

The program teaches an immersive online curriculum that focuses on honing skills like spelling, grammar, sentence formation, and structure before moving on to advanced writing skills like vocabulary building, metaphors and figure of speech, reading comprehension, essay writing, report, storytelling (for higher grades). The program is taught by highly experienced and/or retired teachers offering at an affordable pricing of as low as $22/hour.

“There is a dire need for a specialized writing and ELA program for students. While there is an over-supply of math learning centers in the US, we saw a lack of specialized writing programs that can aid students in their personal goals and overcome weaknesses that may have been unattended over the past grades. This program is uniquely designed and priced for affordability so that it can benefit as many students as possible “, says Sumit Kumar, co-founder at Talentnook

Students looking to improve their English Reading and Writing skills can register for the upcoming January 24, 2021 classes, details for which are below:

1. The new spring semester start date: January 24, 2021

2. Program for students of grades 2-9

3. Weekly Live classes via Zoom

4. FREE ELA Assessment available before enrollment

5. Courses available: Writing + Comprehension & Creative Writing

To learn more about the English Program, visit the Talentnook Writing Academy

About the Talentnook Writing Academy:

The Talentnook Writing Academy brings you the best in class and proven courses in English Writing, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, and Literature Analysis for students of Grades 2 to 9. Its specialized English programs help students get proficient in vocabulary building, grammar training, writing structure, differentiating fact, fiction & opinion, emotions in writing, types of writing, critical thinking and building confidence, literature analysis, forming of an opinion, and speak English confidently in front of peers.

Talentnook Writing Academy

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