With indefinite school closures, Talentnook ushers in affordable online private and group learning pods by experienced teachers

Talentnook is offering affordable ‘StudyPODS’ to assist families who have chosen virtual learning or homeschooling. They offer students a safe socially distant in-person or remote learning experience while allowing kids to have fun and build social skills.

With many school districts contemplating in-school learning, leading to parents moving their children to online tutoring, “learning pods” or “pandemic pods” are gaining popularity all over the country. They are small, in-person, or remote groups of students learning together with the help of a tutor.

While a few parents have hired private tutors to help their children keep up with the school curriculum, Talentnook StudyPODs can be a great option for those who don’t have financial resources for private tutoring.

Talentnook StudyPODs Offer Convenient and Affordable Online Learning for Kids
For example, if you typically pay $70 an hour for a private certified teacher, in a StudyPOD, the cost is split by the number of kids- i.e more the number of students in the pod, the lesser the cost incurred by each parent. So if you have three students, which is the maximum allowed, it will cost $15 an hour per student. You can opt to just hire someone for a fixed number of hours in a day, 2-3 days a week. The teachers follow the curriculum from the students’ schools.

Lorena, a San Francisco based resident, has been using Talentnook StudyPOD for her 8th-grade son to provide him with extra help post-school closure. In a few months, she observed a marked improvement in her son’s learning, believing he has learned more in one hour of StudyPOD learning than he did in the last two months of school. Moreover, Lorena is also collaborating with other parents to form a LearningPOD for group learning activities and to ensure some degree of socialization among the kids.

“Talentnook’s lessons are also being used as part of in-person pods to supplement virtual school classes. Prices start from $15 for a single-hour, one-time class with an option for students to opt for a continuing course that follows their adopted curriculum. The idea is to “bring the school curriculum to life and make it engaging while learning in a socially interactive environment,” said Talentnook CEO Sumit Kumar.

“We have already started seeing the impact of remote learning on students and it’s going to have long-term effects on their cognitive growth. Students are struggling to get accustomed to online learning methods and reduced tutor attention, which in turn is hampering their educational growth.”

Keeping the above needs in mind, Talentnook StudyPODs provide a strategic solution for parents who need help to ensure that their’s child’s learning requirements are being met. To learn more, visit Talentnook StudyPODs.

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