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English Bridge Program has two categories - Reading Comprehension and Writing. Here is the overview of entire curriculum with most important topics covered. Further topics will be introduced and covered in depth according to grade level once program begins. The students will also be given daily homework and assessments to track progress.
The reading comprehension curriculum covers a wide range of topics. Focused
on developing critical thinking and analytical skills.
1 Initial Assessment
Starts with an initial assessment of reading comprehension skills.
2 Vocabulary Building
Learn & memorize new words from different sources, analyze their meaning and apply them to enrich your English.
3 Grammar Training
Improve grammar skills to write impeccable English
4 Short Story Workshop
Read and analyze famous short stories and practice extensive comprehension on them
5 Reading Log
Keep a log of reading achievements and comprehensions covered.
6 Final Assessment
A final assessment at program end to track progress made and reading milestones covered.
7 Project
Working on a final project to apply everything learnt within the program
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Be a better communicator by learning how to write and express ideas effectively
1 Initial Assessment
Starts with an assessment of writing skills. Assess knowledge of grammar, spelling, style and vocabulary.
2 Vocabulary Building
Training on how to build an arsenal of vocabulary and apply them in writing.
3 Writing Structure
Learning the science of structure - structuring essays and giving them shape, from beginning to end.
4 Differentiating Fact, Fiction & Opinion
Developing a keen eye with literary analysis and prepping for AP courses for higher grades
5 Emotions In Writing
Learning how to use sensory words and verbs to bring writing to life
6 Types of Writing
Learning different types of writing - essay, narrative, biographical, poetry, persuasive, etc - and practicing them
7 Writer’s Portfolio
Creating own writer’s portfolio with projects and assignments given in every session
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