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SAT Prep. Program
Your very own SAT Bootcamp with 1-on-1 mentoring
Personal mentor, intensive study plan & more to boost score by 150+ points & help you get into your dream school
A unique fusion of bootcamp learning and private one-on-one tutoring, our 12 week SAT Prep is designed to help you self-study the SAT and achieve your dream score.
Fully loaded content
80 hours of learning material
12 practice exams
Complete mental peace
Free 7-day trial
Monthly payment option
Higher score guaranteed
50% Cashback
Avail a 50% cashback on your course fee when you score 1550+ in the SAT
100% Refund
We guarantee you’ll improve by 150 points or higher. If you don’t, get a 100% refund.
Guidance from top scorers
The key to scoring in the top 5% is understanding how to use a concept effectively. Learn directly from the expertise of a top SAT scorer and gain insight into perfect score strategies early on in your preparation.
Meet your instructor
Alex Mehregan
Hear Alex talk about his own journey of SAT preparation and what inspired him to teach the Talentnook SAT Prep in a different way.
What our SAT students say
SAT Score - 1600/1600
With Talentnook SAT Prep, I could identify my weak areas and find out where I needed help with the most.
The program made me familiar with 99% of SAT problems.
It provided a clear path of action and amazing strategies to help me improve my score.
SAT Score - 1540/1600
I was immensely benefited from the Talentnook SAT Prep and achieved my dream score. What really helped me during my preparation were the
easy to grasp lessons, personal attention and constant enthusiasm
from the instructor, all of which led to constant progress and kept my spirits up.
SAT Score - 1580/1600
Thanks to the SAT Prep, I could increase my score by 250 points in only 3 months of preparation.
I was weak in many Math concepts but the instructor worked hard with me and helped me get better in no time. The customized lesson structure was a huge help along with detailed discussions on my test mistakes.
Personalized study plan
We understand that a one size fits all approach doesn’t work for every student. This is why the program constantly adapts to the student’s daily progress and test results and allocates extra practice to weak areas.
How the program works
Complete a full-length practice exam
Three hour diagnostic exam to test your level of preparation. The exam will be scored electronically and the tutor will assess the student’s performance to plan individualized learning ahead.
Weekly private tutoring sessions
Review the diagnostic test results with the tutor and finalize a roadmap for concepts that need the most practice. The tutor begins the weekly lectures and the parent dashboard is updated with their child’s performance.
Personalized daily assignments
Daily assignments will be tailored to the student’s level of expertise in Math, reading, or grammar topics. The tutor will provide detailed explanations for these assignments and provide regular discussion sessions.
Weekly practice tests
Take full-length diagnostic tests every week to assess your progress in the SAT Prep. After the test, your tutor will discuss the test performance in detail, tackling weaker areas and scoring strategies.
Are you ready to
conquer the SAT?
Pricing Plan
One Time
Pay in full
Purchase the program in full at the beginning and start learning.
Pay as you learn
Complete your program with 3 monthly payment installments.
Want advice before getting started?
Pick Alex’s brains on SAT dos and don’ts.
And discuss areas you need to work on.

The free 7-day trial is automatically activated after the course has been purchased. If the family is not satisfied with the course within the first week of the purchase date, then they will receive 100% of the money back. To cancel the course during the free trial period, simply contact your instructor.

If you are paying on a monthly basis and you terminate the program after one month, you will incur no further charges up to the cancellation date.

The overall improvement is determined by the difference between the first SAT practice exam and the practice exam that the student has scored the highest during the course.

To qualify for the SAT Prep guarantee :
  • The student must complete every assignment and practice exam to the best of their ability.
  • The student makes comprehensive efforts to do their work.
  • There are no interruptions in the predetermined time frame.
  • The student has not done any SAT-related material previous to joining the program.
  • The student must take their official SAT exam within 2 months of the program completion.

The student is eligible for the 150 point guarantee if the overall score improvement during the course exceeds 150 points. For example, if a student scores 1200 on their first practice exam during the course and never exceeds a score of 1350 throughout the course, the student will receive 100% of their money back.

To be eligible for the 1550+ guarantee, the student must score 1550 or above on their official SAT exam. To redeem half off the course, the family must contact the instructor and present them with the score report PDF given by the Collegeboard website.

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