There are so many reasons why parents choose high-school students part-timing as a tutor. Among them, cost and ease of finding one top the list as students don’t demand a high salary and hiring a school student are easier. But should these factors be the only driving force for a decision, parent? Here is our 101 guide to getting the best-suited tutor as we believe there is no right or wrong when it comes to hiring a tutor.

Time slots and commitment

Firstly, parents must understand that the tutors themselves are students primarily. Tutoring for them is an art of juggling and has to be done carefully and cautiously. Discuss with the tutor about their school and personal commitments and come to an understanding of how the arrangement is going to work. Make sure that the time slot is used judiciously and both the parties don’t waste their time.


The main reason to hire a tutor is for their knowledge. Your fee is the price for the knowledge they have skilfully acquired over the years. While making the choice to hire a tutor, ensure that the tutors have the right skill set and knowledge that will benefit you and your child’s equally.

Place of education

We are talking about the room in which the kid is going to learn. Ambiance and atmosphere play a vital role in the learning process. As parents it is important to make sure kids have the best environment with their tutor with minimal or no distractions. Unnecessary noises, or even kids playing in close quarters can cause distraction.

Quality of teaching

There are a few who are naturally gifted at passing their knowledge. And there are a few who have trouble framing understandable teaching approach. Make sure that the high school tutor is capable of translating her thoughts in a language that is both graspable and calm. Temper, ability to clarify doubts, and even simple sharing of feedback all forms part of the evaluation process.