As parents, there is often a contemplation on the need for a tutor to teach and mentor for kids. A lot of variables and research is necessary to ensure the right choice is been made. In that line of thinking, what are the parameters that parents should consider before deciding on going with a tutor for after-school learning or deciding to allow the kids to find their own path? This blog defines 3 vital checkpoints that all parents must focus on to make the decision.

Subject knowledge and strength

As the students go a level higher in class, the subjects get tougher. For instance, topics including calculus and geometry require more experience to teach the kids at exam level. Subject knowledge is one of the strongest argument points as there are so many subjects and topics that a student covers in a curriculum year. Unless parents are confident about converting their understanding and knowledge into a fruitful study session, this is a primitive point to be considered while discussing the need for a tutor.

Time commitment

Juggling work and tutoring is a big commitment. Work-related travel, stress, and even longer hours at the office can take away the focus from the children. Ensuring to spend quality time preparing for exams is as important for making the kids take responsibility for their grades. If you are a part-time employee or have the luxury to have a flexible schedule, it is best advised to sit with the kid to understand their need and ask for mentoring.

Long-term plan

It is not just one single test or paper that a parent is committing to while choosing against hiring a tutor, it is the entire year! Having a long-term plan to see if in fact this union of a parent becoming a tutor will be plausible is crucial in a decision as big as this. Since it is the kid’s future in line, this commitment must be honored without any second thoughts.

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