Parents who are supporting their children for exam preparation understand the importance of undivided attention. Due to their age and curious nature, a child’s mind tends to wander off in the direction of games, TV and recently mobile phones. While it is impossible to ensure that they have an undivided concentration on exam preparation, there are several methods to ensure that the child stays focused for a period of time to study.

Create a checklist/timetable

To ensure that the kid dedicates sufficient time to all subjects and school work, create a check-list for all the work and prepare a timetable to complete each activity. For instance, if a child needs to finish math homework, write an article for the English class, and prepare for a test, the timetable can ensure that the kid spends enough time for each activity while the checklist can keep check on all the pending work.

Play games that improve memory power and focus

A kid can spend hours preparing for a subject but might lose track of what they studied later. To help the kid retain what they studied, try to play games that improve their memory power through crossword puzzles or even Uno games. These games require immense thinking skills and continuous engagement can improve the kid’s memory.

Scheduled breaks

No matter how important the subject or the activity is, allow the kid to take breaks in between learning. Studies show that children who take short breaks between their preparation feel rejuvenated and are able to grasp what they study a lot better. The operative word in this tip is ‘scheduled’. Stick to a time scheduled and allow only a few minutes as agreed to avoid wastage of time.

Allow sufficient time for distractions

In this day and age, it is very easy for a kid to be distracted. It could be a TV show, an event at the nearby park or even a gathering at a friend’s place. Understand the importance of these distractions and allow the child to indulge in the activities that are important to them. It is ineffective and a waste of time and energy to make the child skip these distractions as ultimately their heart is not in the subject.

Set a routine

One of the best ways to discipline a child’s mind and improve concentration is through routines. If a child must finish their homework before studying, create a pattern for this and stick to it. This way the child does not waste time every day trying to prioritize one activity or another and simply goes with the flow.