After-school learning is essential for your kids and Talentnook makes it easy.

Talentnook is a learning community for kids designed by a group of parents for parents. There are many websites where you can connect with teachers for 1-1 tutoring sessions. All of these websites are designed as online marketplaces and primarily cater to the teachers. Talentnook is the world’s first neighborhood learning community where we are trying to bring learning back into homes. Because as parents, we understand the needs of other parents and care about them and their kids. School education is vital, but it is not enough to get your kids ready for the future.

To bridge this gap, Talentnook was born. A facilitator, a bridge that ensures continued quality education to children based on their preference, passion, and priority. It is a neighborhood learning portal that brings together established and credited teachers to parents without any hidden agenda. Talentnook is not a school, rather it sets the stage for talent to stimulate and passion to be uncovered.


Learning always happened in homes with our families, neighbors, and friends. In the last 30 years, we have commercialized after-school lessons at the loss of convenience and quality of learning at home. Talentnook’s neighborhood learning corners will bring lessons to your doorsteps. You don’t have to rush your family after a hectic day at work and school to run around for after-school lessons. We make it convenient for you. You can host at your home, or you can enroll your kid at your neighbors home.


We not only connect you with qualified local teachers, but we also connect you with other neighbors who have kids with similar learning needs as yours. We develop small communities within neighborhoods to promote group learning. Parents share the cost while teachers earn more with a group of students.


At Talentnook kids learn with neighbors and friends. Learning with peers is more fun and rewarding. The change of environment, without the force of tests and exams, makes the process easy and exciting.


Talentnook improves the overall experience of after-school learning making it valuable for parents and the kids. Learning happens in small group settings with peer feedback. Children are comfortable and less stressed, and the friendly neighborhood environment promotes effective learning.


Talentnook provides a parent to teacher feedback and rating system so that you can get first-hand knowledge and information on the lesson quality and the teacher expertise from other parents just like you. We also check the background of every teacher at Talentnook. We also verify the address of each member including you the parents.

Real learning isn’t about just being able to score well on standardized tests. It goes well beyond the bell ring at 3 PM. Over 70% of children in America now engage in after-school activities such as sports, music, dance, arts or academic tutoring.

After-school learning is now easier than you think. Give your kids the power of knowledge.

Author Sumit