“Tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I remember. Involve me, and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin

The job of a student is a never-ending process of learning. From morning till afternoon, they are bombarded with assignments and projects. Given this situation, how can parents and teachers motivate students to pursue their passion after school? The trick is to ensure that students do not feel the pressure to learn. Instead, they should be driven to join these classes on their own.

For students to feel comfortable with their choice of learning outside the school environment, teachers who are involved in after-school learning should understand the basics of being an after-school teacher. Teachers are not just educators; they are the ones who mold a kid’s future.

To be a successful teacher to those who seek after-school learning, it is essential for teachers to understand the following points.

It is not a classroom

Students coming to learn are looking for an experience that will help them realize their dreams. The last thing a teacher should do in a scenario like this is to avoid the resemblance of a classroom. Typical teaching setup takes them back to school and students may resist due to the indifference in the structure.

Instead, create a more conversational environment for students that allows them to move around and breathe. Since there is no formal code of conduct, learners are more driven towards the class and push themselves in the interest of learning and growth.

Students require attention and not advice

A school teacher is different from an after-school teacher. While the former is all about instilling discipline and coaching, the latter focuses on creating a thirst to learn new things. After-school teachers should have the ability to share insights in the children’s performance and give them attention to feel important. Advising them all the time creates distance between the teacher and the students thus affecting the learning process.

Motivate students towards excellence

Motivation is one of the critical factors of learning. Students should feel motivated and encouraged towards learning new things and having a good teacher is the key to excellence. Congratulating them, showcasing their achievements to their parents are some of how a teacher can motivate the students.

As a teacher, there is a psychological thought process to teaching. Being a part of the students’ lives is as important as teaching itself. Similarly, teachers should also understand the prerequisites of becoming an after-school teacher. Listed below are some of the points one must consider becoming a successful tutor.

  • Have a proper teaching environment
  • Understand each student to teach better
  • Be well connected in the field of study
  • Share a common interest with parents
  • Develop self; time and again