Parents often wonder about the time spent by kids after school. With the world swirling in a pool of gadgets, it is essential to align the attention of young minds in the right directions with educational, and passion filled after-school programs. To help parents find the right after-school program for their kids, we have put together a list based on credibility, service offerings, and experience.

California Afterschool network

With funding from The California Department of Education among others, CAN is one of the most prominent providers of after-school programs in all of California. With a number of events that range from summer camp training, volunteer training, CAN is pushing the envelope in ensuring the future of the country is shaping up in the best possible way. To know more about them visit their website.

LA’s best

30 years of experience has ensured that the name apt for the company. LA’s best focuses on nurturing the children’s intellectual and creative abilities to enhance their concentration and performance at school. It is not just about keeping the kids engaged but also ensuring that they have a direct impact on their lives in the long run. Check out their website for upcoming programs.


Founded by two parents, Talentnook aims at improving after-school learning experience by focusing on one simple prerequisite – distance. Most parents find it difficult to drive the kids around and skip out on good classes like piano or language lessons. Talentnook aims to eliminate the distance criteria while selecting teachers and creating a world where every kid has the opportunity to learn their passion easily. Explore the world of Talentnook and register yourself!