One of the questions we have been always asked about by teachers is the need for an online profile. Is it really necessary? Does the profile help reach people? Would I actually get leads from maintaining a profile online? An online profile which is basically a digital resume is your weapon to wield. Will you be successful and get all the answers you are looking for? The answer is that it’s subjective.

Although an online profile can be published across various portals including LinkedIn, job hunting sites, there is no guarantee of the outcome. A person may instantly get a job through their online data or it may take months of networking to finally land on a gig. This scenario is especially true for teachers who do not have the right avenue to connect with potential students. Due to the highly competitive and clustered job hunting sites, the ability to search for a teacher is minimized. However, a teacher can turn this situation around by doing the following activities religiously.

Consistently connect with new people

As any profession entails, networking with people is imperative for teachers as well. This helps others to understand who you are, and what you have to offer to people. While it might not be fruitful immediately, these connections can help in the long run and can open bigger avenues in the future.

Update the profile with achievements and accolades

If you have a basic LinkedIn profile or thinking about having one after reading this blog, then we suggest you have a detailed profile online. The reason being – you never know who can connect and give a break. Including your academic achievements and success stories can clear the path to greater success as these online platforms are all about connecting the right people based on queries. A little tip to make this happen – use phrases that people will generally use to search online. ‘Teachers’ ‘Tutors’ ‘coach’ are some of the few terminologies that people type on the search bar.

Create a compelling pitch

Now that a profile is available, write a 200-word pitch that acts as a proposal at the time of virtual interaction. A compelling pitch is one of the easiest ways to attract attention. Talking about self with a dash of accolades can go a long way in retaining the interest of the reader. It can be in the form of your profile summary or even a personalized message one sends to potential clients. Either way, having this pitch is essential to navigate the online world.

Market self with interesting content

If you are a piano teacher, one of the easiest ways to prove your capacity is by exhibiting them online. Create a YouTube channel that will act as your podium to address the world and showcase your talent. It not only shows people what you are capable of, it will also help them trust you more. The same can be achieved by teachers from various other disciplines – dance, life coach, music, art etc.

Join a teacher platform to find new jobs

If you have been out on the online world, you know it is difficult to get recognized easily. Being in the right place is as critical as being in the online world itself. To that end, a teacher must find interesting and relevant venues to their profession and get enlisted in these portals that will help them get the right job from the right place. Talentnook, as the world’s first neighborhood learning community for kids, strives to connect teachers and parents in the same place. Efficient and completely feasible, Talentnook is soon turning into one of the top teacher sites in California.

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