Fill My Bucket

Fill My Bucket
Fill My Bucket courses inspire students to articulate and pursue their dreams through writing and self-discovery. By fostering creativity and self-awareness, our course helps young learners explore their aspirations, develop unique voices, and gain the confidence to set and achieve personal goals.
Student to teacher ratio
Min. 8 and Max. 20 students
Session duration
45-90 mins
Adjusted based on school requirements
1-2 times per week
Fill My Bucket is a dynamic writing course designed for kids, aiming to spark their dreams and ambitions. This interactive program is not just about creating a list of dreams, it’s about empowering young learners to believe in their power and the next steps toward turning dreams into reality. Through engaging activities, children discover the power within themselves, learning to believe in their capabilities and navigate the journey from imagination to achievement. With Fill My Bucket, every child is equipped not only to dream but also to thrive, turning aspirations into tangible accomplishments and developing essential skills such as goal-setting, resilience, and effective communication.
What happens in the class
In each class of “Fill My Bucket,” students will engage in a variety of activities designed to explore their dreams and aspirations. They will have the opportunity to share their dreams, whether it’s places they want to visit, skills they want to learn, or careers they aspire to pursue. As the class progresses, students delve into various themes related to dreams and aspirations. Guided by the instructor, they explore topics such as travel, hobbies, personal growth, and career goals. They gain insights from real-world examples and role models. Interactive activities and presentations allow students to unleash their creativity and help students articulate their dreams in unique ways.
Student outcomes
Students will understand the mastery and prepare to meet their plans by creating their bucket lists
Discover their passions through interactive activities, and hands-on learning experiences.
Cultivate perseverance in the face of challenges, and stay motivated to achieve their dreams.