Finding a math tutor for your child can feel like a daunting and important task. In the modern age, it is tempting to look up “math tutor” in your preferred search engine and hope for the best. Unfortunately, the millions of results—all offering the names of possible math tutors—only makes the process overwhelming and confusing. Finding a good math tutor for your child is definitely an incredibly important task; however, there is no need for the process to be difficult, stressful, or confusing.

What type of math tutor does your child need? Obviously, you want a tutor that makes learning for your student simple, stressless, and successful. However, there are still three S words you need to consider. Follow these three S’s to find the best math tutor for your child.

Subject Matter

What subject area does your child need to focus on? Is it algebra, geometry, or elementary school level math?

To begin with, what areas in math does your child need tutoring in? If the subject matter is elementary school level, it is prudent to look for tutors who have had a lot of experience working with small children. They would need to be able to explain concepts that seem fundamental to us but are brand-new for younger students. If the subject matter is high school level, look for tutors who understand the new curriculum being introduced nation-wide. Perhaps seek out another student tutor who may understand the difficulties with understanding the material firsthand. Instead of regarding tutors who list a general proficiency in the subject, look for tutors who have listed or exhibited expertise in the specific areas of math relevant to your child’s needs.

Skill Level

The skill level of your child plays a major role in in finding a good tutor. Make sure they don't have to cross out problems in frustration.

In addition to subject matter, you need to consider your child’s skill level. Is your child struggling in or needing help with their current math class or is your child looking for more of a challenge? The purpose of your child’s tutor changes the way they go about teaching your child. If your child is struggling with the current course material, the tutor may need to review certain fundamental topics to ensure that your child has all their basics mastered. Moreover, if your child only needs extra homework help, the tutor may not need to have any established curriculum for your child. On the other hand, if your child wants to go beyond what they are currently learning in class, they may require a tutor capable of creating the type of curriculum that suits your child’s interests or aspirations.


Make learning easy by choosing a math tutor that caters to your child's learning style.

Finally, how does your child learn? Do they prefer group settings or one-on-one teaching? Is your child an auditory, visual, or hands-on learner? Does your child needs supervision to keep them on task or do they prefer to work alone? What work setting helps them focus and feel comfortable? It is important to prioritize your child’s preferences and to discuss them with a potential tutor.

The three S’s makes choosing a good math tutor easy but where do you go to find good math tutors?

After-school learning services, like Talentnook, lists out nearby potential tutors with credentials and charges, making finding a good math tutor from those millions of results simple, too! Happy learning!