To succeed in any discipline, good writing skills are one of the most essential skills to have. As a student, effective writing is the key to communicate well in any subject. But without proper guidance or practice, writing effectively can be challenging. One of the best resources available at your disposal to help you improve your writing skills is: A Writing Tutor

Mention the word writing tutor and most people will give you a cold stare – asking does one even need a writing tutor? Well, while writing is most underestimated as a skill but it makes a huge difference in the way you are perceived – as a person and as a professional! It is rightly said that clear writing is a reflection of a clear thought process.

Busting a myth first!

The most common advice doled out to students is – “read more and more to be able to write better!”

While we agree that reading can help develop writing skills to some extent, there is much more to it. Not all voracious readers are good writers – look around and you’ll find plenty of examples to corroborate this fact! Writing is a skill and like playing piano and painting, it also needs guidance and systematic learning to be able to master it. 

Who needs a writing tutor?

Often, students face challenges in adhering to good writing practices and require guidance to help them constantly improve their writing skills. They struggle with basic grammar, syntax, and sentence structure. 

As a student, you might often feel full of ideas but don’t you often find it difficult to express them in writing? If the above situation feels familiar, it’s about time that you get a writing tutor’s help to hone your writing skills from being average to undeniable! The right tutor can help them overcome these challenges and help them build a good writing style. 

A writing tutor can help in various ways: They provide 1-on-1 guidance, recognize the struggling areas, and teach at the student’s learning pace (some students may be slow learners who need more practice or more lessons on basics than the others)

A writing tutor recognizes weakness, gives constructive criticism, and helps you become disciplined through daily practices to help you improve your writing process: 

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How to find the right writing tutor?

The perks like having one on one attention and flexible learning hours are inherent when you hire a tutor to master any subject or skill. But, having said that, we agree that finding the right writing tutor can itself be an arduous task. Here’s a quick Talentnook guide to finding a writing tutor who’s not just good but is right for you:

1. Understand where you’re struggling with writing

Guide to Finding the Best Writing Tutor - The Easy & Fail-proof Way

Every student’s concerns with writing are different and there’s no one solution that fits all. Learning how to write in a concise manner is a very personal journey for each person.

Spelling out your concerns with writing is the first step towards finding the right writing tutor. When you know what needs to be solved for, solving the ‘who’ becomes much easier. For example, you need to find a vocabulary trainer instead of a grammar specialist if you struggle with a word block.

Some of the problems that students commonly struggle with while writing are Grammar and syntax, Sentence structure, Concision, Vocabulary, Organized long-form writing (essays, project reports, short stories, etc.)

A writing tutor can not only help you overcome these common struggles but coach you to develop a rather compelling writing style. It’s important to hone this skill early on in school since it forms the plinth of successful student life and also continues to benefit students in college and professional life.

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2. Know where to find the right writing tutor

Guide to Finding the Best Writing Tutor - The Easy & Fail-proof Way

To find the right writing tutor, you must arrive at the right search spot first. While you can reach out to family, friends, or even school teachers to refer you to professional writing help, there are multiple online tutoring sites that offer online or in-person writing tutors as per your convenience and need. 

Most tutoring sites offer pre-paid courses through easily accessible, user-friendly platforms. You’ll work with an experienced tutor who is assigned to you

At Talentnook, you can browse through hundreds of profiles of writing tutors and sort the ones that suit your learning, qualification, and cost criteria. Assess their qualifications and go for a free trial session to make much more informed choices as compared to traditional methods of word of mouth referrals. Craigslist and LinkedIn also offer some help albeit not as personalized. 

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3. Choose a writing tutor who matches your needs

Guide to Finding the Best Writing Tutor - The Easy & Fail-proof Way

To find the right writing tutor who can best help you with your specific needs, follow this simple 3-step checklist:

  • The type of tutor

Today there are predominantly two types of tutors: ones who provide in-person tutoring (at your home or at their institute) and the ones who tutor online or virtually via video conferencing tools. You can always choose the type of writing tutor who suits your needs. If you prefer face to face lessons over virtual, make sure to filter out profiles based on the need without a second thought! 

  • The type of tutoring arrangement

In the case of both in-person and online tutoring, you’ll most likely have two options: either 1-on-1 private lessons (only you and the tutor in a lesson) or group lessons aka learning pods (typically in a group of 4-5 students, but could be more depending on the tutor). Let us walk you through the key benefits of each arrangement briefly:

1-on-1 Private tutoring:

  • Personalized attention at all times
  • Flexible timings – more scope for adjusting timings according to your day plans
  • More interpersonal conversations – for example, there’s more scope to address concerns like nervousness while approaching a long piece of text
  • No peer pressure (a fresh change from a school like setup)
  • Usually more expensive as compared to group lessons 

Group Lessons:

  • Brings the advantage of peer learning
  • Better scope for developing interpersonal skills while working on projects together
  • Budget-friendly as the cost gets divided between all students of the group

Both the arrangements have pros and cons of their own, you can choose either based on your personal preferences. Learn How Talentnook Group Lessons Work

  • The Budget

Private tutoring has a cost associated with it and usually, the benefits in the long term outweigh it. At Talentnook, depending on your budget you can choose to study in one-on-one lessons or you can go for study pods in which the overall cost is divided among 3-4 students. It’s a much more budget-friendly option aimed at making learning a much more accessible process for all students.

Talentnook provides writing tutors who can help you with literally everything:  from simple grammar to college applications to SAT prep. There are specialists even for those who have English as a Second Language (ESL). At Talentnook not only can you browse through hundreds of tutor profiles but you can also ask for demo lessons before deciding on a tutor. We encourage you to hone your writing skills as early as possible to stay ahead in the learning curve which continues throughout life – especially for skills such as writing. Log on to Talentnook now and take the leap!

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