Whenever we ask kids and their parents anything about writing skills, grammar usage comes up as one of the most commonly cited areas of concern. For this very reason, we created a special condensed course on grammar usage and rules. As the name suggests, Hammer the Grammar summer course is all about beating the grammar blues. The course is perfect for elementary students who need the extra reinforcement in grammar mechanics to be middle school ready. Our teachers have designed the course to cover the usage of grammar both in daily life and in academics. So, if, until now your child has struggled with grammar rules, you can now relax! Now, this is your chance to put their summer break to good use. Let’s hammer the dreaded grammar, together!

Program Structure & Curriculum

The program is structured into two different courses. Each course is designed to be 3-weeks long. You can choose either one or both to get the best value.

Course-1 covers the very basics of grammar. We have intentionally spread both our courses across  3 weeks. You will see how this helps in this section.

In this course, in week-1 our teachers cover:

  • Punctuation,
  • Common and proper nouns,
  • Concrete vs. abstract nouns, etc.

Week 2 is all about topics like the use of apostrophes use in words, titles, sentences, and paragraphs. Furthermore, this is hammered in by some serious practice so that it becomes second nature to use these correctly. Lastly, our teachers devote the last week to teaching comma and semicolon use in sentences, lists, and paragraphs.


On the other hand, course-2 is structured around grammar usage in full sentences. Our teachers work in week-1 on run-on and fragment sentences. They give out practice questions to reinforce the lessons in punctuation. Next, they actively teach using proper end marks in sentences. Moreover, they also teach how to create and work with paragraphs. Lastly, in week-3, the teachers devote lessons to teaching how to construct and use quotations and dialogue correctly in writing.

Excited and interested to get your child’s grammar game on point? Don’t waste another moment mulling.

How to Register

Click here to book a slot and enroll your child in the Hammer the Grammar summer program. The course starts on June 14 and will go on till July 1, 2022. Our qualified and very experienced teacher Rebekah A. would take 2 sessions per week. Here are some more details for your reference:

Tuition Fee for the Program – $155
Number of sessions- 6
Session duration- 60 mins
Teacher- Rebekah A.
Lastly, if you are unable to book a slot, please reach out to our program advisor who would be more than happy to help! Happy summer holidays!


Author Pragya