Let me start by saying it has been a terrific year for us at Talentnook!

Not only have we completed 6 months since we went live, but the response we have received has been phenomenal. And for that, we are thankful to you, our users and supporters! The core objective of Talentnook has been to bring learning into neighborhoods and to make it convenient for parents, students, and our Talentmasters. In 2018, we have received an excellent response from our community and we could not have asked for a better path for our long journey.

The last year has been incredible with developing the website, building a community, hiring Talentnook team, and building a service that you all love.  And we are not just thankful to you all, but also to our core team, the backbone of our company who spend countless hours refining and improving user experience, customer communication, and client support and present Talentnook to the world with utmost respect and dedication.

Today, at Talentnook, we celebrate and thank every one of you for being a part of our journey. We thank you for your support, and most importantly we thank you for placing your trust in us.

Team Talentnook wishes you a very happy Thanksgiving!

Rajeev & Sumit

Founders, Talentnook