It is not about just A grades or about becoming the next NBA star alone! Every child has infinite potential that needs to be unlocked with the right resources, skills, and attitude. With this single aim of fostering whole child excellence in every student, we founded PALO. We aim to empower every child with skills that complement the academic skills they’re learning in school. Also, skills that help them thrive as a whole – academically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. Skills that prepare them to be global citizens and future leaders of tomorrow. 

So what’s really PALO?

Palo provides coaching for kids, teens, and tweens (with a special focus on middle schoolers). Our coaches work with students to develop critical life skills, executive functioning skills, and effective study skills that help them thrive in every area of life and reach their full potential.

Our unique coaching method is aimed towards a whole-child approach that goes beyond academic excellence and helps spark a zest for life. We aim to empower children to be fully immersed and engaged in what they do and explore their full potential. 

How is PALO different from the zillion other products out there?

PALO combines technology with empathy, bringing both to the forefront of a child’s learning and developmental journey. Not just academics or a specific skill, here we talk about holistic development. This holistic development spans behavioral, social, and emotional skills necessary for them to thrive in today’s hyper-competitive world. PALO is NOT just tutoring or counseling sessions for children and parents. We are DIFFERENT and go beyond the one-size-fits-all kind of solutions for children and parents. Our coaches provide guidance and strategies to parents that help bring about long-term changes and improvement in their kids. And in the process, build a stronger parent-child relationship.

We believe that every child has a different set of strengths within them. However, not all strengths are recognized and realized, when they do, the strength becomes their Spark. At Palo, we aim to nurture certain life skills, study skills, and social-emotional skills.

Once a student masters these skills, it becomes their “Spark”. At PALO in short, we offer life coaching and not just tutoring for your child. Our life coaching is aimed at making your child more confident, resilient, motivated and above all – happier!

How does PALO work?

Step-1: Getting started is really easy! All you have to do is to join our waitlist here and share your child’s basic details like their current grade level and your contact details. And before you think, it is another website, hear us out. No commitments till here! After your absolutely FREE consultation, you can choose to enroll or not. And we do not ask for your credit card details like a subscription service, because we are sure you will like us!

Step-2: Now if you do take this forward, you will be assigned a PALO coach. It is not just another coach assignment! We call it PALO smart pairing i.e. we pair your child with a Coach who matches their personality and interests.

Step-3: Start sessions. Your child will start to attend bite-sized coaching sessions for a warm-up. A nice introduction to ensure they are comfortable with the coach and your child immediately starts with daily coaching sessions, 10 mins every day.

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What does a life coach exactly do for your child?

Life coaching goes beyond just career or academics or a specific extra-curricular skill. It is different from giving advice, consulting, counseling, mentoring, and administering therapy. 

The world’s top players, entrepreneurs, movie stars, authors, etc all seek the myriad benefits of life coaching. This is because a life coach doesn’t tutor but helps one realize their own full potential. This in turn means the individual is successful, contented, and happy with their lives overall. 

At PALO, a life coach will do everything your child needs for the achievement of their life goals. It goes beyond achieving a certain grade or a score on a standardized examination. Of course, academic pursuits and excellence are a part of the journey, but the focus is placed on larger goals like happiness and direction in life! 

Here is what a life coach at PALO does (and differently so, because we understand children like no one else!)
  • Plan a roadmap: Through interaction and comprehensive assessment, the PALO coach identifies strengths and growth areas. They then prepare an action plan for your child to help them achieve and reach learning goals.
  • Daily nudges: The coach will discuss and lock the plan and then assign daily activities and small challenges to your child. They design these activities specifically for each child. This customization ensures that your child maximizes their learning and unlocks their full potential step by step. The necessary discipline is brought about by daily nudges that eliminate any possibility of gaps in learning and real-life application of the same. The Palo coach will interact with the student over chat or recorded video. He/she is accessible via chat and responds within 24 hours.
  • Ensure discipline and growth: The PALO coach will be in touch routinely while helping the child in eliminating roadblocks through constant discussions, thinking, inputs, and systematic feedback. The focus here is to empower your child to think of alternate ways and solutions to problems rather than seek direct answers from the coach. This will help them build critical thinking and execution skills for the long term. This includes making lifestyle changes that support growth like developing hobbies, reducing screen time, being more explorative, etc. 

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A good-to-know fact: Palo coaching is based on ASCA standards and follows the CASEL framework. ASCA National Standards identify and prioritize the specific attitudes, knowledge, and skills that students should be able to demonstrate as a result of participating in counseling.

What to do next?

You can get started by joining our Beta waitlist. Once you sign up, cash on your chance to book a FREE Coaching Consultation with a Palo Coach to see if coaching is the right fit for your child. Our app is also slated to launch early by 2022 and will be available on both iOS and Android. Can’t wait to see you all on this journey with us! 

Home Schooling Author Pragya