Sometimes it is easy to think that finding a tutor means it is easy to disengage from a child’s learning time. But parents, make note that it is equally important for the child to have the parents involved as much as the tutor. So how can one involve themselves while having a tutor around?

Ask for feedback

The first and foremost step in ensuring that the parent is involved in the kid’s life is by establishing a clear and open line of communication with the teachers at school and after-school tutors. Correspond with them in regular intervals to understand the progress and performance of the child. This way you can be abreast of the situation in hand and make sure the child is in the path to success.

Spend time with children understanding syllabus

Sometimes the most important thing to do is to spend time with children talking to them. With every passing year, the syllabus gets tougher and the children find it harder to cope. Analyze the situation with the child and find their points of struggle. Extra classes or even talking to the teacher can help in enhancing the situation.

Take part in the after-school activity

Schools these days have a dozen things going on that require parents’ involvement. Take part in these after-school activities. Whether it is a bake sale or chaperoning the school dance, go full out with the participation as this means being in close quarters with the child’s school life.

Allow time for other extra curricular work for added fun

Parents are often caught up in the world of high education and good grades, that child’s passion often goes to the back burner. But do not make the rookie mistake. If your child has a passion for piano or singing, do not compromise on their dreams. Instead find teachers right in your neighborhood using Talentnook and ensure that the child is able to diversify while excelling school work.