An average professional spends about 32% of their time in writing. It includes everything – project proposals, reports, emails, blogs, or even social media posts! No wonder the saying goes that clear writing is a reflection of clear thinking: the ability to write and express one’s ideas lucidly and articulately. A lot of students however struggle to write at length, especially in the case of writing essays and reports. 

One such student is 11-year-old Dhatrisri Biruduraju, who also faced similar struggles with writing (essay writing to be more precise). While she enjoyed reading them, effective writing did not come easy to her.

How This Student Overcame her Writing Struggles with the Talentnook Writing Academy

“A brilliant student with a multitude of ideas and skills but struggles with transforming them into words” – sound familiar? That’s exactly who Dhatrisri too was! However, things started to improve for her when she joined Talentnook Writing Academy. From being intimidated by writing assignments to now confidently looking forward to getting one from school, she has come a long way! 

Here’s an account in Dharisri’s own words on how the positive upturn happened:

“I earlier struggled with writing detailed essays. I wasn’t short of ideas but articulating them in a written form seemed tough whatsoever. Then I joined Talentnook’s English program, and things started to change slowly and yet substantially. My tutor helped me to write efficiently and clearly. The learning was paced out to make me feel confident and comfortable with writing as a skill.”

On asking how has the impact been on her grades and performance in school, Dhatrisri says, “Now, I have even got comments on English Language Arts saying that I have a grasp of it. All thanks to Talentnook.”

While a lot of online and offline writing courses are today at students’ disposal, there is something different than we do at Talentnook. The writing programs customize and tailor every learning experience to cater to the goals of the student. The writing academy ensures that a student’s progress at each stage is objectively tracked and real-time feedback from the student is considering how they are tutored. Thus making the process much more productive and effective in the longer run. 

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Dhatrisri in fact most succinctly sums up the Talentnook’s differentiation in her words: 

“Talentnook is and always be a big part of my life. In school when I had to write essays, I always groaned. But now when my teacher gives me a writing assignment, I look forward to it because I have a chance to apply what I learned at Talentnook. Writing is not scary anymore, it is an enjoyable exercise for me now! I advise students like me who are currently struggling with reading comprehension, grammar, or creative writing to join Talentnook Writing Academy to see big positive changes in their language skills overall.”

Author Pragya