Google has made sure that there are answers to every question in this world. We get to know things within a few things at the palm of our hands, but there are a few instances that are still a few things that only experience can answer no matter how many different ways in which we ask Google anything. One such instance knows the theoretical answer to become a good tutor. There is no right or wrong to this question, and there is certainly no protocol to follow to become a good teacher. But there are a few tips one can follow. Whether you are a seasoned teacher or an amateur tutor, Talentnook is here to give you some points on what might get on the good books of a student.

Understand the rhythm of your class

Every class has a different feel to it. Some students classroom are more eccentric while others could contain a variety of kids who can range from being naughty to studious. Analyze and understand the rhythm of the classroom before beginning to teach. This analysis is not just to know how to teach them but to also handle and monitor the bunch. For instance, one doesn’t necessarily have to try the ‘good cop/bad cop’ method if the class by itself is extremely well behaved.

Friend not foe

Another idea to become a good teacher is by becoming the students’ friend. If students can trust a teacher and share their thoughts, it is the first step to becoming a great tutor. Do not refrain from stating what is right and wrong, but also make sure to not come off as too judgemental. This way, they can expect to take your views on the matter without any condescending repercussions.

Share feedback with parents to improve the teaching experience

A great tutor is one who shares their opinions with others to enhance the work of the children. This means that the teacher is invested in the education of the child and not just teaching since it is the job. Through constructive feedback, both the parents and the teachers can together build a better path for the kids to learn. And isn’t that what a good tutor does?

Patience is virtue

Not all kids learn at the same speed. Some can grasp things faster while the others take a while to understand the nuances of a subject. Give each kid their space and ensure to accompany them through the learning process. An excellent tutor encourages students without losing sight of the end goal – the kid’s future.