From preparing the resume for college application to studying hard for exams, high school students have a long year ahead. While school life gets the better of time, students are also looking out for part-time jobs that amp up their resume while contributing something back to society. And this is where tutoring comes into play. Tutoring is one of the most prominent role as parents feeling their children respond well to people of similar age group. So, how to be a high school student and a part-time tutor?

Find your strong subject

The toughest thing to get started with while looking to tutor is finding the right subject to tutor. One can be strong in Math, English and even Physics, but not all such strengths can be translated while teaching. Hence it is important to figure the right subject to tutor and prepare enough teaching material as part of the preparation process.

Prepare a schedule to maintain balance

High school students must be a pro at multi-tasking. From balancing school work to preparing for exams to even assisting student assignments, part-time tutors must know to balance it all. We recommend planning early at least for one week so that the schedule is clear for both the students and the tutors. While preparing a schedule, a pro tip from Talentnook tutors would be to keep an eye on contingencies. This way one is not caught off guard.

Keep the money trail hassle-free

It is a common issue among high-school tutors to wonder about handling and getting money. Resort to the help of parents in case things are a little difficult. We recommend using online payments or cheques as the best form of collecting payment from parents as this leaves a paper trail to follow the money. One can understand how much money has come in without having to go through numerous sources.