With online platforms becoming your digital resumes, it has become increasingly difficult for tutors to get a shot at convincing and proving to the parents. A quick scroll through the profile posted online, a reader decides on whether or not to hire a tutor. This proves a simple point – online profile matters. The summary and overview of the profile should be compelling, precise, and attractive. One could have many accolades and recognition; if the profile does not convey the story in a short span of time, the tutor could lose a potential client.
In this blog, we interacted with our Talentmasters to understand how they pitch to the online world and put together a few points that will help upcoming tutors.

A convincing summary of your profile

Every profile needs to be summarised. Hence it is critical to creating 150 words or less write up that gives the reader a complete picture of who you are and what you do. Avoid using large words or self-praise. Keep the summary to the point and ensure that it covers everything from your educational qualifications, work experience, and current focus area. One can also use bullet points if necessary to give a better reading experience.

Use testimonials

Rather than talking about self, let the experience talk for itself. Try to gather as many testimonials as possible from previous clients and include them in the profile. On LinkedIn, these fall under the ‘recommendations’ column but one can include these anywhere in the profile – even under summary. These testimonials back up your claim to be an experienced and professional tutor and convince the parents. Consider testimonials as work references given by previous employers.

Highlight important sections

One of the easiest ways to retain the attention of the reader is by highlighting certain sections of the paragraph. This could be your rates, class venue, or even your contact information. These highlighted sections jump up on the screen and make the reader take notice of the point. This way one can also ensure that no important point is left unnoticed.

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