Technological development has been a big boon for the century. From using the Internet to search the meaning of a word to booking flight tickets, we have linked ourselves to the digital world. No matter how powerful technology is, there is still a knack to using it effectively and efficiently; particularly in a classroom setup. While the existence of online classes has been prevalent, offline classes can also benefit from technology when used appropriately. Here are some of the ways you as a tutor can use technology effectively.

Effective communication line for parents

With technology, tutors can communicate easily with parents. Since it is quick and effective, parents can instantly write to tutors regarding their concern and tutors can share their feedback almost immediately. This open line of communication bridges the gap between parents and tutors and helps parents trust the teacher with their children.

Quicker class announcements

Change of class schedules or any other announcements can be promptly made via e-mail, WhatsApp or any other technology available. This way one need not worry about losing a message or the child forgetting to notify the parent about change in schedule. The teacher can also use Google calendars to set reminders for upcoming assignments or change the class timings without the worry of any miscommunication.

Find new students online easily

Not just LinkedIn, there are several other sources to find new students for your classes using technology. Portals including Talentnook makes establishing yourself as a tutor in your local neighborhood is easy. Use these portals to get new clients and handle the payments independent of any hidden charges. Also, technology can improve your standing in the community as people can share their testimonials making things easier and better than word of mouth.


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