It may be summertime but as parents, we often worry about how to help kids learn better. In this day and age, where everything is digital, one cannot merely resort to old-school methods of learning and must ensure that there are enough opportunities and space for the kids to want to learn. As parents ourselves, we have endured similar situations in the past. Resulting from experience, here are a few tips that will help you and your kids learn or study better no matter the season.

The ambiance is the key

For kids to want to learn, it is essential to create an environment for them. Living room and bedrooms have many distractions and hinderance. Preferably a study that is inspired by books or the kid’s own room could be an excellent choice to study. Please note that if it is within the kid’s room, make sure the kid is facing away from the window and towards the wall to avoid any uncertain distraction. Also, create a space that inspires children to read and learn new things. Inspiration does not come just from within, it is also from the environment around them.

Bring the book to life

Sometimes a book or a subject might not be of interest to the children. If you have kids who are just growing out of elementary school, it could be a task to make them sit and learn. A simple tip from one parent to another brings the book to life. It could be in the form of an audiobook or a loud re-enactment of the story – do what keeps them occupied and sustain the attention.

Keep negative energy at bay

It is natural and completely normal to get frustrated when kids do not go by what is laid out for them. But remember, this negative energy can have a negative impact on kids, and it is best avoided to get a positive outcome. Resort to simple obedience techniques that will not only make the time spent together less tense but also make them feel more connected with the parents.

Seek help from teachers

As parents, we are loaded with a lot of activities. It gets almost impossible to do everything for the children on our own, especially when it comes to making kids learn something. A quick and easy way to ensure that kids learn is by taking the advice of teachers. Hire a tutor if you don’t have the time or talk to the class teacher to get some ideas. New-age portals like Talentnook brings parents in direct contact with tutors and coaches from within their own locality thus nullifying the travel time!

Set goals and strive towards them

Every kid needs inspiration and target. Draw out a plan of action for your kids and encourage them to accomplish their goals. One of the sins parents must never commit is the act of enticement – do not promise any monetary or physical gifts/prizes. This could have a counter effect in the future and not work well for both parents and children in the long run.