It is that time of the year again where the feeling of holiday and celebration lingers in the air despite the regular work schedule. The next few weeks ahead is all about wrapping up work/school schedule and planning ahead for the next year with new year’s resolution, new beginnings and moving forward. But the realities of life do not always allow us to fast forward to the holidays just yet. School is still in session and so is assignments, homework, and project submission. Parents who have young adults and high school students often find it difficult to curb the distractions from disturbing the school work. Here are a few tips that can help the child’s concentration during the holidays

Take things easy

It is the holiday season after all. So it is best adviced to take things easy and slow with homework. Do not have strict rules as usual but instead opt for a more relaxed approach. Understand the child’s emotions and work with it to create a more friendly environment.  Give the child enough breaks so that they don’t feel pressurized.

Plan school activities with a dedicated room for studies

While it is necessary to take things slow, it is also essential to keep tabs on things that matter. Plan the school work beforehand with a flexible yet executable schedule. Since the whole house is filled with a festive vibe, make sure one room is grounded to the realities of life and focused.

Ensure that celebrations don’t interfere with pre-assigned school work schedule

Hosting a dinner party? Make sure that it does not overlap with the plan scheduled. If the child is supposed to do homework and there is a plan to have guests over, it is entirely unfair to expect the child to continue with his/her work. Instead of making the child deal with the situation, plan the holiday events around their work so that they can finish up their work quickly without missing out the holiday fun!

Rewards system

It is the holiday season after all. The season of celebration and gifts. While a reward system is a tricky area, one must handle it with caution. It is not a form of bribery, and hence monetary and immediate reward system is not encouraged. Instead, parents can insist on the child completing all the work pending and reward the child with a better holiday gift at the end of the month/year. This way the child is not bribed but still has a positive spin on things.