Maintaining a perfect work-life balance is every professional’s dream. And, tutors are no exceptions. But, tutoring as a job demands endless flexibility and dynamism. Curriculums, timings, teaching requirements, examination schedules all change almost without notice for most tutors. It often leaves little room for a good balance between work and personal life.  

However, as a tutor, you must endeavor to find ways to strike the right work-life balance for your personal good and loved ones. It is extremely important for overall harmony and satisfaction in your life. 

We understand that your commitment to work might come in the way of pursuing leisure. But, we want to take you through 5 easy to implement work-life balance tips. It will help you stay happy and fulfilled without compromising your professional goals. Read on to know more:

1. Shut off all electronics after a certain time

We all today are victims of some form of mobile phone addiction. It can be an addiction to anything from social media and online shopping to news. In fact, 27% of the time online in the US is spent on social media alone. Phones are the biggest reason why more people complain about a lack of work-life balance.

How to Maintain a Work Life Balance As a Tutor

Do the following to banish electronics and their impact:

  • Turn off mobile phones at least 2-3 hours before going to the bed
  • Take only very urgent calls after you reach home
  • Avoid mindless scrolling through random video and article content after you call it a day
  • Use apps that can help you monitor screen unlocking and time spent on various activities on the phone
  • Switch off the WiFi at home after a certain time, say right before dinner
  • Limit the time spent on watching television and instead spend time with your family

2. Never take work home

Leave work at work. Never carry afterthoughts or musings once you are done with tutoring sessions for the day. Learn to keep discussions for the next day instead of constantly being in touch with your students over messaging apps. Set clear expectations that you will not be available for anything apart from urgent after a certain time in the day.

How to Maintain a Work Life Balance As a Tutor


Being available 24×7 for a student over emails, messages and calls can levy a good impression in the short term. We agree! But, in the long term, this practice can become fatal to your work-life balance. Students, on the other hand, would also start taking your time and schedules for granted. So, it’s important that you draw clear time-boundaries for usual workdays. Examinations are one time period where you can, however, keep your work-schedule flexible for students’ convenience. 

3. Take up only as much work as your stamina permits

The lure of making more money by teaching more number of students every day is very common. But, you must understand that stretching your body and mind beyond a point can lead to a severe drop in your work-efficiency.

Make sure that you keep a limit on the number of daily hours you put into tutoring. Since tutoring is not a 9-5, desk job, you must take responsibility for your work hours. Keep a bar on the number of hours – for e.g. you can either teach only 6 students everyday for 1.5 hours each OR, you can teach 12 students on alternate days for 1.5 hours each. 

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4. Keep a daily routine and stick to it

Maintain a daily routine and stick to the goals. Put your personal care, family time, exercise, etc. also in the daily routine. If possible, you must also include a slot for meditation each day. These activities when done on a regular basis become healthy habits.

These small habits will help you avoid stress by not leaving you the entire to over-work. These activities though very blase, have a calming effect on the mind and hence a routine is what you can not miss having.

5. Develop a hobby and pursue it methodically 

Develop a hobby and pursue it diligently, with as much dedication as you have for your work. A tutor’s work-life balance is something that they must take care of on their own. Find a hobby group near your home or join professional courses.

A lesson in the guitar or a game of football is the best way to commit your time to yourself. A hobby that involves outdoor presence is always the healthiest. However, cooking, painting, playing chess are also equally beneficial for rejuvenating your mind. 

How to Maintain a Work Life Balance As a Tutor

From now on, get into the healthy habit of saying NO to overstretching yourself. An effective tutor is one who can teach innovatively and flexibly. These qualities will get a major boost once you start heeding your work-life balance. The happiness of having lived a wholesome day will transpire into your teaching skills too. 

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