For many college students, having a roommate during their first year of college is going to be the first time they will be living with someone apart from family. We’ve all heard horror stories of horrible roommates so here are a few tips on how to pick a good college roommate!

Discuss your habits.

It would suck if you slept in late, but your roommate liked to wake up early and make noise. It would suck if you prefer to study in silence, but your roommate liked to blast music while studying. It would suck if you go to sleep early, but your roommate liked having friends over until 2:00am every night. Picking someone who has similar living habits as you can ensure both of you have a smooth and comfortable living situation.

Set your boundaries.

If your roommate expects you to respect their lifestyle, then it is important for the same to happen vice versa. Make it clear how you want to live and your boundaries so that you are comfortable as well!

Find someone who you think you will be compatible with.

Even if it is a random person, find common interests or make it a point to grab dinner every day together. Living with a stranger can be quite awkward so why not make a friend out of it?

Set rules on day 1.

Compromise on things that you and your potential roommate want from each other and stick to those rules. Who is going to take out the trash every week? Who gets the use the bathroom first every morning? Communication is key and this will help you avoid messy situations later on.

Colleges allow you to request how many people you want in one room and this number might be different for everyone. Take some time to imagine yourself rooming with 1 person, 2 people, 3 people, and so on. Find out what works best for you!

Author Prerna