With holidays just around the corner, everyone is excited to put school work away and enjoy with family and friends. However, the reality of school work is still present. While there is an inclination to skip school work, students do not have the luxury just yet. To make sure there is enough fun and work during the weekends, we have a list of things one can do to make the best use of precious holiday mood that is just setting in.

Have a well-planned schedule

Planning is the key. Even for school students, planning an executable schedule is important. You may have four assignments but no mood to do them. Have a plan to spread them within the deadline so that it does not seem taxing yet the work is done. This way the parents are also not concerned about the school work as there is already a plan that puts things in motion.

Do not procrastinate

We have all heard that procrastination is the thief of time and it really is. Do not wait for all the celebration to get over before starting school work. The longer you wait, the harder it is going to be to get the concentration back. Finish the work during the weekend before you start the party as this means you can hold on to the after-party feeling a little longer and not gloom over the school work.

Take help whenever necessary

If there is any work that has to be done with extra effort, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Everyone needs their weekend and especially around the holiday things get trickier. From baking cookies to interviewing a family member, certain weekend activities will need family help. Ask beforehand and be prepared to avoid unnecessary last-minute confusions and delays.

Have fun while doing school work

If the school work is light, make it a group activity by inviting friends with parents’ approval. If a project or an assignment could be turned into a group activity, that can take the mind off of the stress and one can enjoy the work as much as the festivities itself. Remember, it is essential to make sure the parents are cool with this idea of execution.