What started off as an initiative to bridge the gap between teachers and students has snowballed into a revolution among the teaching community in California. Talentnook as the world’s first neighborhood learning community for kids is now one of the popular sites among teachers who are inclined towards becoming their own boss within their community. To that end, the platform which was only about enlisting teachers with different passion has expanded the scope to another plain.

Introducing ‘Lessons’ – a one-of-a-kind initiative by Talentnook that explores different talents of an individual and creates a platform to showcase them all. In this day and age where everyone is multi-talented, why restrict your ability to just one of the talents? Keeping that in mind, we at Talentnook, revised our platform to accommodate all the offerings of a single teacher. For example, if you are a math teacher and a football coach, there is no need for you to restrict your teaching ability to just one. With ‘Lessons’ you can transform your passion into classes by enlisting both these talents on the website.

What’s more?

The teacher has complete freedom and flexibility to choose their rates and class timing based on the schedule. As mere facilitators, Talentnook provides visibility for the teacher and aims to promote a teacher’s professional growth through the platform.

To know more, visit www.talentnook.com

Home Schooling Author Sumit