Sometimes children have a lot to handle – whether it is preparation for an exam or taking on a school project. And this schedule can affect their involvement in other activities including learning a new skill or art or even time for some fun. As parents, we often find our kids burned out during those last few weeks before an exam as they try to juggle several activities at once. To better help the children with their time and to ensure they don’t take on more than what they can handle, here are a few tips that will help children juggle their schoolwork and passion.

Prepare a schedule

The foremost step to success is planning. It is essential for children to have an executable plan that will help them on the road to success. Think of the end goal and create a plan for the same. For instance, if there is an exam coming up, then the end goal will include completion of exam portions and hence other activities take a backseat. If your kid has extracurricular classes during that time, ensure that they don’t precede the time allotted for the exam preparation. Sticking to a prepared schedule helps kids learn and achieve better.

List it out

Make a list of all activities and goals for the semester beforehand. Have a conversation with the child to understand the requirements of the semester and plan other classes accordingly. This is particularly helpful for students transition from junior high to high school as the workload in school increases. Understanding the time required for school activity can help both the parents and the students prioritize after-school learning activities better.

Consider taking help

Children of this era are self-sufficient. However, there are times when they do require external help. Understand the child’s situation and consider tutoring lessons from professional after-school tutors. Find tutors within your neighborhood to ensure minimal travel time. Hiring tutor helps children achieve their goals better as tutors can advise better on how to excel at school better.

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