The Covid19 pandemic and the consequent quarantine has given everybody the kind of free time we haven’t had in years. A great way to help your children use this time is help them harness their energies into building a new skill – learning a new musical instrument.

Here is why we think learning a new musical instrument can be a great way for your child to utilize this abundant amount of time: 

1. Music brings its own mental and physical health benefits.

With Covid-19, many of us are dealing with challenges we’ve not faced before, and stress and anxiety are becoming commonplace. At such a time, music is therapeutic in more ways than one.

Learning a new musical instrument or just playing for a couple of minutes reduces stress and anxiety. In short, music can be the relaxing hobby you’ve been missing out all this time.

2. Music helps in developing learning skills. 

Playing music has more than therapeutic benefits, it enhances your brain’s learning muscles. Learning music develops a better memory, improved verbal fluency and information processing skills, as well as other cognitive and creative benefits. Music strengthens abstract reasoning, comprehension, and math skills and has delivered better results than teaching kids computer skills.

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3. Learn music to instill discipline 

When you start learning a new musical instrument, it requires commitment and perseverance to keep the learning curve growing. One needs to set aside time and be dedicated to practicing the music lesson. Learning music teaches us to cope with distractions and stay focused. 

Also, since music can’t be learned in a day or a week, there is no instant gratification. For results, the learner has to strive – hour after hour and day after day. The more one practices the music lessons, the better one gets.

It is only after this dedication that we can reap the rewards and enjoy whatever we’ve learned. This teaches the learner to be patient and wait for the results of their efforts and to keep working on improving their skills and enjoy better results for the extra effort.

This is how learning music becomes a lesson in the importance of patience and the skill of being disciplined.

4. Improves coordination and enhances fine motor skills

Improved hand-eye coordination is one of the hidden benefits of learning music. In this case, music is just like sports and great for developing motor skills. Hand-eye coordination happens when the eyes help to direct attention, and the hands do the task.

And since all instruments from a guitar to a piano to drums require both hands to work together – along with the feet sometimes – learning music requires students to also learn the skill of coordination.

5. Discover better connect with new cultures

Music is a universal language that transcends physical and cultural boundaries. Music brings people together. We can all appreciate a good tune, even if it is in a language, we don’t know.

As a learner taking music lessons, you can also become part of music-loving communities and make new friends. Among musicians, there’s a sense of shared fellowship and a sense of belonging, and these friendships can last a lifetime.

If you’re part of a band, music can also help you learn teamwork, build your confidence, and boost social skills, helping you in more than just one way to connect with others.

So if you’re thinking to learn music, get ready to enjoy multiple benefits. And with ample time to practice, now is the perfect opportunity to start learning a new musical instrument.  

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Having expert guidance through online lessons with a good teacher will help you learn any instrument faster and more efficiently. With years of teaching experience, tutors can guide you on best learning practices early on in your learning journey which in turn will save you a lot of backpedaling and relearning down the road.

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