Have you stumbled upon the term “Vedic Math” but never really understood the appeal behind it? Aren’t students supposed to learn only one form of math: the one taught in school? And isn’t that enough?

Vedic math derives its principles from the ancient Indian scriptures called Vedas, which were taught by scholars. It is a scientific way devised by scholars to give you the ability to solve tedious and cumbersome arithmetic problems mentally and get accurate results. 

What makes Vedic maths easy to understand is the simplicity of its concepts. The ideas taught are easy to grasp and can be mastered by any student at any stage of their learning journey. Therefore, It becomes very important to make children learn some of the Vedic maths tricks and concepts at an early stage of their learning to build a strong foundation for the child. 

What is Vedic Math and why is it recommended for students to learn it?

Vedic Maths is a branch of mathematics that was developed thousands of years ago by the ancient scholars of India. Vedic Maths was discovered during extensive research on the Vedas: ancient Indian texts written around 1500-900 BCE that contain a record of human experience and knowledge. Today, the learning system recognizes these as foundational knowledge of algebra, algorithm, square roots, cube roots, various methods of calculation, and the concept of zero.

Vedic Maths teaches a collection of techniques to solve math problems in an easier and faster way. Learning these techniques not only helps students overcome their weak math skills but also helps students with strong math skills strengthen their problem-solving ability. In fact, Some Scholars claim that using Vedic Maths tricks,  you can do calculations 10-15 times faster than the commonly known methods. 

Why Should My Child Learn Vedic Math?

Using Vedic Maths Tricks you can perform long multiplications mentally in just a couple of seconds. Image Source: Math Learners

How can learning Vedic Math benefit kids?

Most students believe Mathematics to be their biggest nightmare during school years. If not resolved in their middle school years, math turns out to be one of the toughest subjects to crack later in high school and even affects them in their years of growing career. 

If your child is good at Math, learning Vedic Math tricks will give them an additional boost to their problem-solving skills. On the other hand, if your child dislikes math, learning the principles of Vedic math can make math learning much easier for them.

Learning Vedic mathematics brings a ton of advantages to students:

    • Improves speed and accuracy when solving math problems. Why? Because Vedic math principles teach you to approach simple mathematical operations in a different way than what you’ve been taught from school. 
    • Improves your academic performance drastically: Basic mathematical calculations are not only used in math but also form the foundation for other subjects like Science.
    • Opens your mind to alternate ways of solving a problem
    • Vedic math is useful in a variety of subjects like Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, trigonometry, and Calculus.
    • Useful to students preparing for competitive and entrance examinations

However, the benefits of Vedic Math are not only limited to academic growth. Vedic math inculcates other benefits that prove advantageous to students in other aspects of their lives. Other non-academic advantages of learning Vedic Math include:

  • Better speed and accuracy
  • Increased mental agility, sharper mind, and improved intelligence
  • Develops visualization and enhances concentration in kids
  • Build logical thinking skills
  • Confidence Booster

How can I get my child to start learning Vedic Math?

Vedic math is not considered a part of the school curriculum, yet it recommended to learn and practice its principles through separate courses or dedicated programs. 

There are many sources through which you can start learning Vedic math tricks:

1. Books on Vedic Math for kids

Why Should My Child Learn Vedic Math?

If you’re someone who is just getting your kid started with Vedic Math, dedicated books can be a great way to acquaint them with the basic fundamentals of Vedic math tricks. Here is a curated list of books that specifically teach Vedic maths for kids in a fun and interactive way. 

  1. The Curious Hats Of Magical Maths, Vedic Mathematics for Schools: Book 1, by author James Glover.
  2. Vedic Mathematics Sutra, by Dr Alok Kumar
  3. Vedic Mathematics for Students: Level – 1 of 5 Series, by Nava Vision
  4. Vedic Math Workbook 1

2. Youtube Channels

There are plenty of videos on youtube which teach Vedic math tricks. For someone who has no idea about what Vedic math learning entails, check out a few youtube videos explaining Vedic math tricks and applications. 

3. Online Programs

While books and videos can give you an introductory idea about the principles of Vedic math, going for a dedicated course or program can ensure your child follows through with these principles till the end. 

Vedic math programs are taught by experienced teachers who not only introduce students to problem-solving tricks but also provide daily practice to help them grasp the concepts and effectively apply them.

We highly recommend enrolling your child in a dedicated online program on Vedic math to give them a strong foundation and help them learn math tricks quickly. 

About the Talentnook Vedic Math Program

The Talentnook Vedic Math program is an 8-week interactive program for students who want to learn the speedy ancient system of Vedic Mathematics. With sessions twice a week conducted by our experienced Vedic Math instructor Sanjay A, students will be introduced to various mental math methods and formulae to speed up their problem-solving ability. The course will contain interactive lessons, projects, and math games to make Vedic math learning fun and easy to learn

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