We live in a world where everything has become digital. From ordering medicine to getting insurance, the Internet is the place to be. While the benefits of online livelihood are plenty, there are still a few aspects where offline existence rule the day. Talentnook focuses primarily on offline learning. While everyone is taking on online lessons, we focus entirely on the offline method of teaching. Established in 2017 when everyone is driving towards the online medium, we believe in going old school i.e offline learning especially for learning and teaching, and here is why.

Human interaction plays a major role in effective learning

Whether you are learning math or going for a swimming class, having human interaction is essential. One cannot fathom all that the concepts virtually while being in a math class. Sometimes it is easier to interact with a person inside the room than through a computer. Also, with offline learning parents can be better involved by speaking to the tutors often.

Body language is the key

Looking at someone through a lens may not yield the best results as they are unsure of what is grasped. Sometimes, one needs to understand a person based on body language. While the mouth says something, body and eyes can tell a different story. And this is very difficult through in an online space. Offline learning, on the other hand, allows the tutor to understand the mood and learning process of the student better.

Distance matters

Distance is an important factor why online learning is not the best mode. We don’t mean online tutoring but also traveling miles to reach a class. This could affect the child as much as virtual classes affect concentration. To resolve this issue, Talentnook introduces neighborhood learning where parents can find tutors within their community without travelling long distance.