If you are a parent, chances are you might have heard the term ‘online learning pod’ casually by other parents and instructors. But what does it really mean?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things. Learning is one of them. 

As classes started moving online and education started being imparted through Zoom calls, one thing is for sure – online learning is here to stay.

But online learning happens in a lot of ways. There is the normal school distance learning – where your kid sits in front of a screen, packed with 20 other students, all trying to get their voice heard to a teacher who is exhausted and overwhelmed.

And then there are online learning pods. Where learning happens in a much relaxed and personalized way.

So what are online learning pods? Let’s find out.

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Online Learning PODs: A New Way of Learning

Ever since the pandemic, parents have been searching for more individualized learning options, where their kids can learn in a more interactive and attentive manner. This led to the rise of online learning pods.

What are online learning pods?

Online Learning Pods - How Learning is Kept Alive During the Pandemic

Online learning pods are small groups of 5 to 7 students, of same (sometimes different) ages who come together and learn in LIVE online sessions with the help of a private tutor. 

Upon your preference, you may even choose to form an in-person learning pod, where clusters of kids and their parents come together in a school-like setting. But this would raise a higher concern for safety owing to the fact that kids would be in close proximity to each other. 

So as school districts are moving their curriculum to virtual classrooms and COVID-19 cases are on the rise, parents are wary of in-person teaching.

This is partly why virtual learning pods are fast picking up steam.

The comfortable setting of being at home and attending a small group class sounds very appealing. Both for students as well as parents. And it’s a bonus for working parents, who the pandemic has been most unkind to. Many working parents, managing one job or working two jobs, have complained about the added pressure of their kid’s education.

Here’s why online learning PODs are gaining massive popularity:

1. A reliable, trustworthy learning option that parents can trust

With kids locked down at their homes and under close quarters, their work-life balance and boundaries have gone out the front door!

As a result, parents are searching for reliable, trustworthy options for their kids to help cover their education and keep them engaged with productive learning.

This is why an online learning pod provides them with a huge sigh of relief. As kids can stay engaged by learning with their friends and favourite teacher, parents can finally get some work done. This is the online counterpart of in-person learning.

2. A more productive option for students

Online learning PODs are also a blessing for kids. Here’s why.

Before learning PODs, kids had to attend long Zoom sessions cramped with 30 others. They can hardly pay attention for long, let alone ask questions and get them answered! 

And it’s not the teacher’s fault. It’s just the lack of resources and time from schools, who are doing their best to manage this whole ‘distance learning thing’ while also battling through a whole pandemic.

This is hugely hampering the child’s learning. They are not able to pay attention, grasp concepts that are taught in class, ask questions and get their doubts cleared. Inevitably leaving the student fall behind in their academics for the coming school year.

Online learning pods with 5-7 students ensures that learning happens online in a personalized way, apart from not worrying about sending your kid to school and risking exposing to infections. 

In online learning pods, your kid can learn from the safety and comfort of home sweet home. Whether they are nestled in the couch or on the porch or in the garden, it doesn’t matter. As long as they come to class with excitement and enthusiasm to learn!

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How do you Form an Online Learning POD?

There are numerous ways to form your very own personal online pod for your child. It can be done in a few easy steps.

1. Step 1: You can get in touch with 3 or 4 mothers in your neighborhood or your child’s school. Moreover, there are many Facebook groups of parents who are always on the lookout for collaborating in learning pods, whom you can give a try. Tell them about your interest in creating a virtual learning pod with your kid and theirs. 

2. Step 2: Once you’ve found your group of parents, you can talk to them and work out the timings, schedule, and other obligations amongst yourselves. 

3. Step 3: This is the last step. Go to a tutoring website and hire one or more private online tutors who can teach all the subjects covered in your child’s curriculum. You can even go check out our private tutor’s directory and find the right tutors for your virtual learning pod.

That’s it. It’s really that easy. 

How Talentnook Study PODs are helping

Talentnook StudyPODs are designed keeping the mind the above challenges faced by numerous parents in large virtual learning groups.

Talentnook handpicks qualified online private tutors, skilled in multiple subjects, for your child’s curriculum. And we formulate a proper curriculum study plan, tailored to your child’s present learning needs. So that you don’t have to go through the tedious tutor search process, trying to find which tutor would be right for your child learning goals. 

Take the stress off yourself and just focus on giving your child the best education that s/he deserves!

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Online Learning Pods – How Learning is Kept Alive During the Pandemic

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Bottom line is

Considering the current scenario, online learning is here to stay. And with the rise of virtual pods across America, it’s the perfect time to try to give your child a safe and comfortable learning environment to thrive. You may be surprised how well your child might end up thriving in this new way of learning. 

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