Children want to write. They want to write the first day they attend school. This is no accident. Before they went to school, they marked up walls, pavements, newspapers with crayons, chalk, pens, or pencils…anything that makes a mark. The child’s marks say, ‘I am.’
– Donald Graves

For many homeschooling parents, teaching your kid how to write effectively can be an extremely daunting task.

But why should parents start working on their kid’s writing skills from an early age?

By getting kids to practice writing early, they are getting prepared to exceed in all subjects. Improved writing skills enable students to communicate their learnings effectively and exhibit better self-expression and social skills.

There are two kinds of professional writing help you can get for your child: going for personalized writing tutors or enrolling in a writing program. While writing tutors are able to give you 1-on-1 attention and focus solely on improving your areas of weakness, writing programs are highly intensive and follow a hybrid learning approach.

So this summer break, give your kids a leg up with these great online writing courses for school-age kids that’ll get them writing with perfection in no time.

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1. Harvard Extension School 

Harvard Extension School is an offering of the world-famous ivy league school. It provides a multitude of online writing courses.

Starting from fiction, poetry, screenwriting to academic, critical reading, and writing – the course has it all.

If you have an older student, go check out their online writing center that organizes virtual seminars and workshops.

Though most of these courses are for high-school and above, their vigorous curriculum by top instructors is sure to transform one’s writing skills.

2. Time4Writing

Are you a parent looking to homeschool your kids? Then Time4Writing might be a great online learning resource for you.

They have courses in all three levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – for elementary, middle, and high school kids.

The great thing about their courses? It benefits students across all age groups and levels.

3. Udemy: The Mystery Writing Course

Steve Reifman, a mystery story writer, teaches this  Udemy course where students learn how to write gripping and suspenseful mystery stories to hone their storytelling skills.

Designed for children between 8-12 years of age, Reifman teaches a step-by-step writing process, from the beginning to the end.

Following the process, kids learn how to craft suspense stories that keep readers hooked till the end.

But that isn’t all.

They also get to experience the thrill of writing a mystery adventure all by themselves.

The online writing course has an easy-to-follow teaching style that imparts valuable writing advice to students.

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4. English Grammar 101

EnglishGrammar101 is a course that provides online grammar lessons and special programs.

Their programs are mostly curated for homeschoolers, who can participate from the comfort of their home.

With a collection of teaching materials and e-books – they explain different grammar rules, along with practice examples and exercises.

Knowing by heart the correct grammar usage is a necessary step towards writing effectively.

5. Talentnook Writing Program

Designed by top English educators and scholars, the Talentnook Writing Academy hosts amazing programs for students between grades 2-9.

The program focuses on identifying and filling existing gaps in learning a child has in English Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and Writing, when jumping to the next grade level.

But that’s not all.

The course curriculum teaches aims to teach English in a scientific manner – with enchanting methods like Story Pyramid, Instructional Scaffolding – to level up their communication, creative and critical-thinking skills.

These are essential skills a student needs to succeed in every aspect of life- from school, college, exams to your future profession.

With live, interactive online classes, and personal guidance from tutors – kids gain mastery over English Language Arts, which in turn, helps them excel. Both in academics and in life.

So what are you waiting for? Cut off boring this summer break by enrolling your child in any one of these exciting and effective online writing courses. And by the end of summer, you will discover newfound confidence and love of writing in your little wordsmith.
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