Poetry is the best form of creative writing. It is also a great way to teach children the art of using language in a fun and liberated manner. After all, a child’s first education starts with rhymes. If you are a parent in the States looking for the right summer program, look no further! We bring to you with great pride and joy our summer program – POETRY FUN! For your child with a liking for the language, this is the right course to choose. It is one course where imagination meets method. Our experienced teachers teach the very basics to enable free-form imagination to take shape of words. The poetry writing exercises are perfect writing exercises for summer. It is a great way to also get children to look up new words and expand their vocabulary. In this program, children get a chance to write their own poetry with examples and guidance.

Program Structure and Eligibility

The summer program is open to students studying in grades 4-5. We offer two 3-week long courses. You can choose from either or choose both for the best value. Course-1 is all about limericks, haikus, and acrostic poetry. We dedicate one week to each of these three types. Our teachers first explain the basics of each type and read examples to the students. Then, they encourage students to write their own pieces of poetry. Little gems of poetry, let’s call them!

poetry fun

On the other hand, course-2 is all about free verse poetry, narrative poetry, and sonnets. Our teachers take special efforts to help students recognize the use of figurative language, emotions, etc. Moreover, each poem is dissected with a clear explanation of the writing method and the meaning. The students then go on to try out writing their own poems in these styles.

Lastly, the courses encourage children to imagine and write freely. We don’t assess them during this course and only encourage free-form creativity. Learning should be all fun sometimes, isn’t it? Your children will sure agree to this. Hence, the Poetry Fun summer program is your best bet for them this summer!

How to Enroll 

Click here to book a slot now for Poetry Fun summer program for kids. If you are unable to find a slot, please reach out to our program advisor. Click here to see the entire program calendar for your planning purposes. Lastly, don’t forget to ask for a sibling discount of 10% if you decide to enroll both your children! Happy summer holidays and happy learning to you and your kids!

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Author Pragya