Talentnook caters to bridging the gap between private after-school tutors and parents. Over the years, we have seen various obstacles tutors face in their tutoring journey. From establishing their work to finding long term students, it has been a struggle as the tutoring space is vast as an ocean. To help we have divided the blog into three parts while each caters to different kinds of tutors – full-time after-school tutors, part-time tutors, and high-school students tutors.

Full-time after-school tutors

As full-time tutors, it is essential to brand the services to the people consistently. From capitalizing social media channels like LinkedIn to finding jobs on Google, it is part of the routine for all after-school tutors to be on the Internet. While this is essential and part of succeeding in a career as a full-time tutor, we recommend using platforms like Talentnook that acts as a path for parents to find tutors and tutors to get new leads consistently. It is crucial to explore new options like these as these websites help tutors earn more credibility and in-turn more jobs as a tutor. We also recommend full-time tutors to conduct workshops within their community to improve reach and interact with parents on the site. This way, tutors can understand what is the real requirement and hone their skills accordingly.

Part-time tutors

As someone who already has a job or a person looking to work according to their schedule, part-time tutors often find it challenging to build a network and communicate their availability to potential parents and clients. To get the ball going, we recommend taking things slow. If you have found a select number of students, start the classes without waiting for the number to increase. This way one can understand their strengths and prepare better for the upcoming classes. Also, we suggest doing a couple of classes a week to acclimate with the students and train self to teaching a bunch of energetic young minds. This strategy helps balance your work and part-time gigs without causing stress.

High-school students tutors

High-school students have it hard as they have to juggle their studies, prepare for college admissions, and tutor kids. There can be plenty of reasons for students to tutor – extra cash, experience for resume, passion for teaching have been some of the top reasons why students prefer to tutor kids from junior high. To make sure there is enough time for all the activities and have a social life, it is vital to maintain a healthy balance of work. It is imperative to not burn out by over scheduling and taking on a load more than one can handle. As enthusiasm and drive for success take over, it can become taxing to manage everything. Prepare a schedule and stick to it to make sure that there is enough time to unwind and de-stress after a week’s work.


While the above are just a few minor points in the vast ocean of tutoring business, we hope to have focused on the main areas of concern for every type of tutor out there. For more tips and information on tutoring, please subscribe to Talentnook blog.


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